Synonyms for galactosidic or Related words with galactosidic

glucosidic              maltulose              osidic              glycosidic              thioglycosidic              mannobiose              fructoside              glucoronidic              endohydrolyses              galactoses              glicosidic              ketoaldose              glycosidically              glucopyranose              glycosydic              xylopyranosyl              hexosamine              pentopyranose              alkenic              anhydro              galactosamines              sophorose              monosacharide              mannitosyl              xylosidic              gycosidic              glycosylic              tetraose              isomaltosyl              glucosyl              ketotriose              cyclitol              maltosidic              apiose              hexopyranose              unmetabolizable              fructofuranose              aldohexose              ketose              pyranose              monosaccharide              galactoside              sorbitolyl              mannotriose              anomeric              fructoses              ketoses              endocyclic              cellobiosyl              glycone             

Examples of "galactosidic"
Galactosides can be classified as either alpha or beta. If the galactoside is classified as an alpha-galactoside, the enzyme is called alpha-galactosidase, and is responsible for catalyzing the hydrolysis of substrates that contain α-galactosidic residues, such as glycosphingolipids or glycoproteins. On the other hand, if it is a beta-galactoside, it is called beta-galactosidase, and is responsible for breaking down the disaccharide lactose into its monosaccharide components, glucose and galactose. Both varieties of galactosidase are categorized under the EC number 3.2.1.