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commelinanae              procynosuchidae              theriodontia              folivora              acoranae              triuridiflorae              corbulidae              cyclopedidae              gastropteridae              phiomiidae              ziphacodon              toxodontia              thyasiridae              superordo              tanganyikaensis              ringiculidae              cepolidae              arecanae              hoplocarida              phosichthyidae              dinocerata              ornithosuchidae              gebiidea              platytroctidae              shamosuchus              therocephalia              pandananae              ipnopidae              gorgonopsidae              enchytraeidae              eriospermaceae              eospirifer              scenopinidae              bonatitan              nandinaceae              epicynodontia              dionycha              megalotragus              beryciform              mystacocarida              dinochelys              siphonarioidea              unquillosaurus              ceraphronidae              latimeriidae              lorisoidea              periegopidae              jeholopterus              hyaenodontidae              ichthyolestes             

Examples of "galesauridae"
"Galesaurus" is a member of the clade Epicynodontia, which is within the infraorder Cynodontia, the ancestor group of all mammals. "Galesaurus" is also a member of the family "Galesauridae," which includes the closest relatives of "Galesaurus, Cynosaurus" and "Progalesaurus."
Galesaurid fossils are found almost worldwide. They were among the survivors of the Permian-Triassic extinction event, but they became extinct in the Middle Triassic epoch, as did the therocephalians. Genera of the family Galesauridae include the namesake "Galesaurus".
Galesauridae is a family of Therapsid reptiles. Along with the family Thrinaxodontidae and the large clade Eucynodontia (which includes the mammals), it makes up the unranked taxon called Epicynodontia. Galesaurids first appeared in the very latest Permian period, just a million years (or perhaps only a thousand years) before the greatest extinction of all time, the Permian-Triassic extinction event.