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Examples of "galibert"
Sophie Galibert is a French screenwriter, film director and writer. Her first comics "Le crabe et la princesse (The crab and the princess)" was published in 2016.
In 1997, the group Générale Occidentale enters at 49% in the share capital, RMC retaining the remaining 51%. Nostalgie is focusing towards a younger format by broadcasting songs of the 1980s and entertainment programs by well-known hosts (Pierre Bellemare, Georges Beller, Lio, Pierre Galibert, etc.). The audience is crumbling dangerously.
In 2014, Galibert produced "Crevette (Shrimp)", a short-movie nominated in numerous festivals around the world and won twenty-two awards, including the Audience Award for Best International Short at the Spokane International Film Festival. In 2013, she received the public award at the International Screenwriters Festival of Valence for "50's Fever". The same year, she won the prize for best screenplay at the San Giò Verona Video Festival for "A/K", co-written by Belgian movie producer Olivier Van Hoofstadt, and screened during the 2016 Cannes Festival.
Dressed in a version of the Indonesia "Sarong Kebaya" designed by Pierre Balmain in 1968, the uniform of the Singapore Girl has remained largely unchanged. Stewards previously wore light-blue business jackets and grey trousers. Since June 2008, this has been redesigned by Christophe Galibert, artistic Director of Balmain Uniformes. The new steward's uniform now features a single-breasted navy blue suit (jacket and trousers), a sky blue shirt and different coloured striped ties. The tie colours differentiates the four ranks of cabin crew: inflight supervisor, chief steward(ess), leading steward(ess), and steward(ess).