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Examples of "galluzzi"
Maria Domitilla Galluzzi (1595–1671) was a Catholic mystic, never canonized. According to E. Ann Matter, her foremost chronicler, Galluzzi entered her convent at Pavia, and after some time, began to experience ecstatic visions of Christ's Passion. Amongst other miraculous events, levitation is alleged to have occurred when Galluzzi rose to view a crucifix of Christ's Passion agonies through supernatural means.
Paolo Galluzzi (born 1942, Florence, Italy) is an Italian historian of science.
Kroemer, G., Galluzzi, L., and Brenner, C. (2007). Mitochondrial membrane permeabilization in cell death. Physiol Rev 87, 99-163.
The label's first releases were by Berghain/Panorama Bar residents such as André Galluzzi, Cassy, and Ben Klock.
Pietro Gallocia or Galluzzi (ca. 1120/30, in Rome - 14 March 1211, in Rome) was an Italian cardinal.
The Oratory of the San Giovanni Battista dei Fiorentini is a former confraternity meeting hall in central Bologna, found on Corte Galluzzi #6, and is part of the complex of the church of Santa Maria Rotonda dei Galluzzi and near San Petronio.
Giuseppe Galluzzi (born 10 November 1903, date of death unknown) was an Italian footballer and manager from Florence. He was a prominent figure in the Florentine football scene, appearing for "CS Firenze" and then ACF Fiorentina after the merger took place. Galluzzi also turned out for top level teams such as Juventus before retiring.
Galluzzi would later study at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, graduating in 1986 from the same Transportation Design program as BMW's noted designer, David Robb. Galluzzi first worked for Opel, and then for Honda's V-Car/Omega design studio in 1988, first in Offenbach, Germany and later in Milan.
Galluzzi is a surname most prevalent in the Italian regions Tuscany, Lombardy and Apulia. In Tuscany a toponymic origin of the name (Galluzzo south of Florence) is suggested.
After the Monster, Galluzzi designed the 1997 Ducati ST2, which Industrial designer Andrew Serbinski considered ill-proportioned in its first generation, with its large fuel tank."
Miguel Galluzzi (October 26, 1959) is an industrial designer specializing in motorcycle design. Galluzzi currently heads Piaggio's Advanced Design Center (PADC) in Pasadena, California, where he manages the design of the Aprilia, Moto Guzzi, Derbi and Gilera motorcycle brands, working closely with the company's styling headquarters (Piaggio Group Style Center) in Italy as well as its research and development centers in China, India and Vietnam.
In 2012, Galluzzi relocated from Piaggio's headquarters in Pisa to Pasadena, California to lead the company's new Advanced Design Center (PADC), which manages other Piaggio centers in China, India, Italy and Vietnam — and works with the main Piaggio Group Style Center, run by Director Marco Lambri. Galluzzi chose the Pasadena location, "because of its proximity to centers of transportation thought," namely the Art Center College of Design, California Institute of Technology, and Jet Propulsion Laboratory.
The Ducati Monster (called "Il Mostro" in Italian) is a muscle bike designed by Miguel Angel Galluzzi and produced by Ducati in Bologna, Italy since 1993. It is a naked bike, characterized by an exposed engine and frame.
As a young man, Panini trained in his native town of Piacenza, under Giuseppe Natali and Andrea Galluzzi, and later the stage designer Francesco Galli-Bibiena. In 1711, he moved to Rome, where he studied drawing with Benedetto Luti.
Because Galluzzi is tall, many of his best known creations — which feature low seat heights and high foot pegs (e.g., the Monster) — are better suited to their target buyer than their designer.
Of all of the contestants, Galluzzi was the only contestant that had successfully opened a restaurant based on his original concept and that business had operated continuously for more than five years.
Subsequently, Pierre Terblanche worked for Piaggio on the Moto Guzzi and other brands, along with former colleague Miguel Angel Galluzzi who designed the Ducati Monster. Terblanche left Piaggio to join Norton Motorcycle Company in January 2011.
Widely known for having designed the Ducati Monster, Galluzzi has also designed the Aprilia Dorsoduro, RSV4, and Tuono — as well as the Moto Guzzi V7 Racer and California 1400.
Galluzzi subsequently designed the Cagiva Planet of 1998, a variant of the Mito, followed by the 1999 Raptor and V-Raptor, which used a Suzuki engine shared by the TL1000.
After leaving Cagiva and joining Aprilia in 2006, Galluzzi designed the 2007 Aprilia Dorsoduro, 2008 RSV4, 2008 Mana, SL 750 Shiver of 2009, and several Husqvarna models. He also contributed to the Vespa/Piaggio 1+1 concept vehicle.