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radlk              phylica              puberula              congesta              spruceana              canthium              zeyh              lehmannii              calcicola              schlechteri              sessiliflora              pedicellata              hiern              laxiflora              farsetia              vepris              glabrescens              subsessilis              oliv              parsonsia              connata              decne              preussii              labill              baill              steud              triflora              lancifolia              turcz              poepp              peduncularis              allophylus              leptophylla              grewia              sessilifolia              randia              amoenum              markgr              psydrax              brachylaena              elliptica              uliginosa              schinz              mossambicensis              pavetta              summerh              bremek              dombeya              laxum              oreophila             

Examples of "galpinii"
Ernest Edward Galpin (1858–1941), was a South African botanist and banker. He left some 16,000 sheets to the National Herbarium in Pretoria and was dubbed "the Prince of Collectors" by General Smuts. Galpin discovered half a dozen genera and many hundreds of new species. Numerous species are named after him such as "Acacia galpinii", "Bauhinia galpinii", "Cyrtanthus galpinii", "Kleinia galpinii", "Kniphofia galpinii", "Streptocarpus galpinii" and "Watsonia galpinii". He is commemorated in the genus "Galpinia" N.E.Br. as is his farm in the genus "Mosdenia" Stent.
Kleinia galpinii is a species of the genus "Kleinia" and family Asteraceae. The species name commemorates E. E. Galpin.
Bauhinia galpinii is a species of shrub in the family Fabaceae. It is endemic to parts of eastern and southern Africa, where its popular name is "Pride of De Kaap". In other places however, it is variously known as Orchid Tree, Red Bauhinia, Nasturtium Bauhinia, African Plume, Red Orchid Bush, and by other informal names. The species name commemorates E. E. Galpin.
The larvae feed on the fruits and seeds of a wide range of plants, including "Bauhinia galpinii", "Millettia" species (including "M. caffra", "M. sutherlandii", "M. grandis"), "Caesalpinia pulcherrima", "Baphia" species (including "B. racemosa"), "Acacia", "Bauhinia", "Caesalpinia", "Schotia", "Macadamia", "Prunus", "Combretum" and "Syzygium".
The adults prefer ripe fruits, of which they suck the sugary liquids. The larvae feed on a wide range of plants, including "Afzelia quanzensis", "Annona" (including "Annona cherimola"), "Arbutus unedo", "Bauhinia" (including "Bauhinia galpinii" and "Bauhinia petersiana"), "Berlinia", "Brachystegia" (including "Brachystegia edulis" and "Brachystegia spiciformis"), "Burkea africana", "Cassia", "Cassine", "Catha edulis", "Celtis africana", "Colophospermum mopane", "Copaifera baumiana", "Croton", "Daniella oliveri", "Guibourtia conjugata", "Gymnosporia" (including "Gymnosporia senegalensis"), "Hibiscus", "Isoberlina", "Julbernardia globiflora", "Khaya senegalensis", "Laurus nobilis", "Lonchocarpus cyanescens", "Lonchocarpus sericeus", "Maytenus", "Osyris lanceolata", "Pleurostylia africana", "Protea", "Prunus persica", "Pseudocedrala", "Schotia brachypetala", "Sorghum" (including "Sorghum roxburghii"), "Vaccinium corymbosum", "Xanthocercis zambesiaca" and "Xeroderris stuhlmannii".
The geoxylic growth forms of woody subshrubs is characterised by massive lignotubers or underground woody axes from which emerge aerial shoots which may be ephemeral. These growth forms are found in savannahs in southern Africa. It is thought they developed in tandem with the spread of savannahs which resulted in an increase in tall grasses which are easily flammable during the long dry season associated with the savannah climate. Some well-known examples of geoxyles are the sand apple ("Parinari capensis"), the plough-breaker ("Erythrina zeyheri"), the red wings ("Combretum platypetalum") and the wild grape ("Lannea edulis"). Others are "Ancylobotrys petersiana", "Diospyros galpinii", "Elephantorrhiza elephantina", "Eugenia albanensis", "Eugenia capensis", "Maytenus nemorosa", "Pachystigma venosum" and "Salacia kraussii".