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dhaigandu              mariyam              syamsuddin              rahadi              nematollah              kasri              musawa              khawja              jahaniyan              ibrahimzai              wulung              khadijeh              manikfan              kilege              torkaman              aadan              abdurahman              thakurufan              rahima              masuma              wasef              khairun              kaliyari              hazrati              sheykhi              jabbi              maavaa              caamir              ranya              ebne              bahi              olucak              maxamed              khanim              shekh              medhu              bahardin              karakuyu              imrahor              shahri              janat              pashe              kahak              maani              hasanudin              pagayawan              betatar              pazevari              hanim              axmed             

Examples of "ganduvaru"
Prince Henveyru Ganduvaru Manippulu, ("al-Hassan 'Izz ud-din Henveyru Ganduvaru Manippulu") (1902–1938), the son of the Sultan Muhammad Shamsuddeen III. He was named the Crown Prince of the Maldives on February 8, 1931 by his father.
The nobles in Malé informed the people that a boat had been sent to bring Ghiyaasuddin to Malé. Ranjehi Ganduvaru was readied to welcome Ghiyaasuddin. On the return of the boat to Malé, the people were informed that Ghiyaasuddin had disembarked and entered Ranjehi Gandavaru. Welcome ceremonies and festivities were begun at Ranjehi Ganduvaru. The people did not learn of the assassination until a day or two later. Once the people learned about the killing, they gathered in protest near Bodu Ganduvaru. As the mob grew more vociferous, Muhammed Faashanaa Kilegefaan came out and said that the decree for the assassination was issued by the Chief Justice. But the latter took an oath to declare that he was completely unaware of it. Following these protests, young Abdulla, a son of Ghiyaasuddin who was in Malé, was banished to Fuvahmulah
He distributed his poetry, then banned by the government, to his associates in Male' through an ex-wife of his, Maavaa Kileygefaanu Ganduvaru Goma, and his sister Bodufenvalhuge Don Didi.
He was arrested on 2 October 1934 and was banished to Fuvahmulah with crown prince Henveyru Ganduvaru Manippulhu. The crown prince died there but later the Sultan was brought to Malé Atoll Villigili. The sultan died in Malé at the residence of Moonimaa'ge.
Bodufenvalhuge Sidi spent several years of his youth in Addu Atoll with his maternal relatives. Addu Atoll was the main centre of learning in the Maldives at that time, the turn of the 20th century. He was educated there by a well-known master and relative, Elhageì Abdullahi Didi son of Ganduvaru Hasan Didi also known as Don Beyya of Meedhu.
Neither Mulee’aage nor Mulee’ge ever served as a Royal Palace. However, it is located just a stone's throw away from the site of the former royal palace, now the Sultan's Park and the National Museum of Maldives. Most of the buildings in the royal palace grounds were demolished during Ibrahim Nasir’s presidency in the late 1960s. As such, today the nearest one could get to a royal Maldivian palace is Mulee'aage in Male’ and the Utheemu Ganduvaru on the island of Utheemu.
Abdul Majeed Mahir, who served key positions in Nasir administration and father of former Minister of Defence, Ameen Faisal and former Maldivian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Dr. Farahanaz Faisal, is also from Fuvahmulah. He was born in Fuvahmulah, to Funaadu Ganduvaru Aisha Didi of Fuvahmulah and Velaanaagey Mohamed Didi (paternal grandfather of President Nasir) of Male, Maldives who was in exile in Fuvahmulah.
Utheemu () is one of the inhabited islands of Haa Alif Atoll administrative division and geographically part of Thiladhummathi Atoll in the north of the Maldives. It is an island-level administrative constituency governed by the Utheemu Island Council. Utheemu is famed as the birthplace of Sultan Mohamed Thakurufaanu, who with his brothers and his companions fought an eight-year-long war to drive out the Portuguese invaders who occupied the Maldives from 1558 to 1573. "Utheemu Ganduvaru" is the wooden palace in which Sultan Mohamed Thakurufaanu lived and grew up. It is well preserved and evokes more than any other existing building in the Maldives, the lifestyle of the rich, centuries ago.
A council was set up by Sultan Muhammad Shamsuddeen III to draft the constitution of the Maldives on 9 March 1931. The council completed and implemented the constitution on 22 December 1932. This constitution was the basis for the formation, of the first ever Majlis of the Maldives. The meetings of this Majlis were held in the “Hakura Ganduvaru”. The first president or the speaker of the Majlis was Al Ameer Mohammed Farid Didi. Maldives was then ruled by a sultan and the advent of the new constitution was seen as a threat to the sultanate. Thus, mobs were instigated against the
Ibrahim Nasir was born to Ahmad Didi of the famous "Velaanaage" family and "Nayaage" Aishath Didi. Nasir is descended from the famous Huraa and Dhiyamigili royal dynasties of the Maldives. Nasir's mother, Aishath Didi, was the daughter of Moosa Didi, son of Dhadimagu Ganduvaru Maryam Didi, daughter of Husain Didi, son of Al-Nabeel Karayye Hassan Didi, son of Prince Ibrahim Faamuladheyri Kilegefan, son of Sultan Muhammed Ghiya'as ud-din, son of Sultan Ibrahim Iskandar II, son of Sultan Muhammad Imaduddin II of the Dhiyamigili dynasty.
Abdul Majeed Mahir is a Maldivian politician, born in Fuvahmulah to Funaadu Ganduvaru Aisha Didi of Fuvahmulah and Velaanaagey Mohamed Didi of Male, Maldives. He served high government posts during the reign of his nephew, President Ibrahim Nasir, such as the position of Deputy Minister of Finance and the position of Deputy Minister of Peace and Security (Mahkamatul Aman Aammuge Veriyaage Naib) according to some sources. He also served as the President of Male Municipality from 1960 to 1961 and served in the Management of MWSC (Male' Water and Sewerage Company) during the reign of President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom.
Sultan Muhammad Imaaduddeen V (1884–1920), son of Ibrahim Nooraddeen and Bodugaluge Didi of Machchangoalhi Ganduvaru, and also younger half-brother of Muhammad Shamsuddeen III, was the sultan of the Maldives from 1892 to 1893 for five months. He was 8 years old when he became the sultan, after the death of his father Sultan Ibrahim Nooraddeen. Despite having an older half-brother, Imaaduddeen V, was appointed as sultan by a decree of the Council of Ministers ("Raskan-hingaa Majlis") headed by Ibrahim Didi, brother-in-law to the late sultan Nooraddeen. Meanwhile, a vigorous protest was handed down to the Ceylon Governor in Colombo by Muhammed Didi, the brother of Kakaage Don Goma, one of the late Sultan Nooraddeen's wives highlighting that "the Law of Succession in the Maldive Islands" which supported lineal primogeniture has been breached and that his great-nephew Muhammed Shamsuddeen (then Kakaage Doshi Mannipulhu) who was 14 and thus the eldest son of the late Sultan should be the legitimate heir to the throne. Five months later Imaaduddeen was deposed by Muhammad Shamsuddeen III as the Sultan of the Maldives. He died during his brother's reign.