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ganpat              paramu              haribhai              annasaheb              indrajeet              kantilal              appunni              atmaram              bhalchandra              saramma              unnithan              ghanashyam              gulabrao              shankarlal              rajanna              dattatray              bhoomika              sookshikkuka              chotta              ambadi              chimanlal              shyamlal              loknath              vithaldas              suryakant              venkataramaiah              shakunthala              rahasyam              dayaram              chandulal              chettiyar              bhoopathi              chunilal              singari              varavu              mangamma              shirke              kamble              sadanandan              thamburan              chellam              bhadran              vinayagam              sundaran              thacholi              poocha              rasika              shankarrao              kadathanadan              thadavara             

Examples of "gangaram"
Balmain/Esperanza/Forres Park—Gangaram Gopaul (UNC)
Gangaram Bose – Ramsantosh Bose – Krishnachandra Bose – Dvipchandra Bose – Pitambar Bose
Gangaram (Gopichand) is an orphan who dreams of becoming a police officer from childhood. Working in a cafe belonging to Babai (M. S. Narayana) in mornings, Gangaram attends night school to achieve his dream and within no time, Gangaram becomes a Police officer. Young, dynamic and sincere Gangaram targets the Underworld Mafia and their activities in the city. Within three days of his appointment, Gangaram is elevated to an Encounter Specialist by DIG Bharath Nandan (Nassar). Gangaram and his team of four cops start their hunt for two Underworld gangs, first Talwar (Shawar Ali) gang operating within the city and second Khalid (Kelly Dorjee) gang operating from Malaysia. First, Gangaram cleans up Talwar gang and plans to travel Kenya where Khalid is on a one-day private trip. When Gangaram is getting ready for Kenya, Police raids the house and prove his illegal contacts with Mafia. Gangaram finds it very soon that he was trapped in the plan of Khalid and DIG Bharath Nandan who used him as a tool to clean their Mafia opponent, Talwar. In an interview with the media, Gangaram starts to cry that his own department framed him and states that he will become a gangster and kill everyone who was involved in framing him including the DIG and ACP. An adamant Gangaram escapes from the police and re-establishes himself as Gangu Bhai, the Mafia Don. Pavitra (Priyamani), the love interest of Gangaram finds out her mother (Roja Selvamani) was killed by the DIG. In a friendly encounter, he kills the DIG and goes to Malaysia where he meets Khalid. After he gets there he gets beat up by Khalid but he escapes and in a wild chase, Gangaram and Khalid battle on a helicopter rooftop and Gangaram kills Khalid and puts 10 bullets in him. The movie ends when Audience finds out that Gangaram has been set up by the DGP (Prakash Raj) for eliminating all the gangsters. He then asks the DGP to remove all the cases against him so that he can come back and join the Police force again, but the DGP says it's not that easy as he had killed police officers too. Instead, he tells him to start and run a mafia gang in Malaysia and operate there so that He can be of a relief that Mafia Gang is under Police itself. Gangaram then calls his gang and Pavitra to come to Malaysia and gets settled there.
Narayan Gangaram Surve (October 15, 1926 – August 16, 2010) was a Marathi poet from Maharashtra, India.
Premi Gangaram is a 1978 Bollywood romance film directed by Jagdish Nirula.
Gangaram is a remote village in Bijinapalle Mandal of Mahbubnagar district, Andhra Pradesh, India.
Gangaram is a remote village of about 3000 people, located 30 km from Manthani in Karimnagar district, Andhra Pradesh, India.
This is the biggest village of yadav's Gangaram yadav is first person who came in this village with other gues.
The villages in Tekulapally mandal includes: Bethampudi,sulanagar, Boddu Thanda,shanthi nagar,gollagudem,Bodu, Gangaram, Gollapalle, Koppurai, Koyagudem, Pegallapadu,
As per 2011 Census of India Gangaram Chak had a total population of 304 of which 147 (48%) were males and 157 (52%) were females. Population below 6 years was 28. The total number of literates in Gangaram Chak was 219 (72.04% of the population over 6 years).
Mai Shettima Muktar Ibn Ali Gangaram, a former civil servant, was appointed the first Emir of Gujba on 3 June 2000.
Gangaram Hanuman temple and Venkateshwara Swamy temple are the most prominent temples in the area. Hyderabad St. Thomas Marthoma Church is also located in Chandanagar.
Fairs and festivals: Shri Siddeshwar fair at Latur is held every year. Thousands of people attend the Gangaram Maharaj Samadhi every Ekadashi at Hattibet in Udgir tehsil.
In the 14th Lok Sabha, then Speaker Somnath Chatterjee had hailed Hansraj Gangaram Ahir, member of BJP from Chandrapur in Maharashtra as Role-Model for MP's.
This School is the main education source for surrounded villages like Gangaram, Mamidigattu, Chittapur, Jhandavenkatapur, Chinavenkatapur, Kottur, Pottiyal etc. This school also has a playground.
Sachin Ahir is the son of Mohan Gangaram Ahir and the nephew of gangster-turned-politician Arun Gawli (aka Arun Gulabrao Ahir).
Rameshchandra Gangaram 'Bapu' Nadkarni (born 4 April 1933 in Nashik, Maharashtra) is a former Indian cricketer. He is mainly known for being an economical bowler.
Gangaram Chak is a village, in Debra CD Block in Kharagpur subdivision of Paschim Medinipur district in the state of West Bengal, India.
The current principal is Mr. V. Gangaram (since 17 June 2014). The deputy principals are Mrs P. Nasaree and Mr. R. Maharaj.
The love between Gangaram, a talented singer and Jamuna, is a universally known affair. Jamuans father in order to break this love takes his daughter away to an unspecified place. Gangaram with the help of Leela, his adopted sister plays a ruse and they swap places before Jamuna is to take the rounds around the sacred fire with Leelas boy friend to see that the respective sposes are united with their lovers.