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Examples of "gareau"
France Gareau (born April 15, 1967) is a Canadian athlete, who competed in the sprint events. Gareau was born in Verner, Ontario.
On the Thursday after the Monday marathon, BAA arranged for Gareau to fly from her home in Canada to Boston, where BAA staged a finish line with 3,000 spectators at 2:34 PM so that photos could be taken with Gareau breaking the tape. Gareau was awarded a winner's medal at a press conference that Thursday.
Jacqueline Gareau (born March 10, 1953 in L'Annonciation, Quebec) is a Canadian runner who won the Boston Marathon on April 21, 1980. Gareau led the women's field for most of the race, only to find another runner, Rosie Ruiz, wearing the traditional victor's laurels when she crossed the finish line. Ruiz was later disqualified after it was determined she hadn't run the entire race, and Gareau was awarded the victory in a special ceremony one week later. Her official time for the 1980 marathon, 2:34:28, was the fastest time recorded for a woman in the event's history at the time.
"Touch" is set in Victoria, British Columbia and features Anna Gareau and Collie Kostyna, two women who become involved in a murder mystery. Gareau is a psychometrist, whose ability to discover secrets by touching objects draws her into a realistic supernatural community. In "Grayling Cross", Anna and Collie have established themselves in Edmonton as PR experts who keep things quiet for the local magical community. The book is a locked-room murder involving teleportation.
Foudy is married to former sprinter France Gareau. His son Liam was drafted by the London Knights of the OHL in the 1st round, with the 18th overall pick, in 2016.
Francis' funeral took place on May 18, 2010 at Rosedale Presbyterian Church and was attended by several of Canada’s sprinting luminaries, including Johnson, Angella Taylor-Issajenko, Mark McKoy, Milton Ottey, Desai Williams, France Gareau and Cheryl Thibedeau.
The Gareau was a Canadian automobile manufactured only in 1910. Only three 35 hp worm-drive fours were completed before the firm, based in Montreal, folded for lack of working capital.
The course record of 56:41 was set in 2004 by renowned mountain runner Jonathan Wyatt. The female course record was set by Shewarge Amarein of Ethiopia with a time of 1:08:21 in 2010. Multiple winners of the race on the men's side include Francis Darrah, Mike Gallagher, Bob Hodge, Gary Crossan, Dave Dunham, Derek Froude, Matt Carpenter, Daniel Kihara, Simon Gutierrez and Eric Blake. On the female side, Eleonora Mendonca, Cathy Hodgdon, Chris Maisto, Jacqueline Gareau, J'ne Day-Lucore, and Anna Pichrtová are multiple winners. John J. Kelley and Jacqueline Gareau are the only runners ever to win both the Boston Marathon and the Mount Washington Road Race. Kelley won the former in 1957 and the latter in 1961. Gareau won Boston in 1980 and won Mt. Washington in 1989, 1994 and 1996.
Throughout the late-1960s, he worked counter jobs at several nightclubs in Soho, including Bunjies and Les Cousins, where he met many musicians and other performers and formed what he described as some of "my most treasured memories." He also continued working in occasional archeological digs, including mining activities in 1968 in the wells of Sandal Castle, a historic ruin in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. In 1970, he lived in Paris, France, where he sold jewellery in the streets and squatted in an atelier on the Rue d'Alésia with a woman named Nelly Gareau. He spent two years visiting various locations in the United States of America and Mexico with Gareau.
Professor Frederick H. Gareau has written that the Contras "attacked bridges, electric generators, but also state-owned agricultural cooperatives, rural health clinics, villages, and non-combatants". U.S. agents were directly involved in the fighting. "CIA commandos launched a series of sabotage raids on Nicaraguan port facilities. They mined the country's major ports and set fire to its largest oil storage facilities." In 1984 the U.S. Congress ordered this intervention to be stopped; however, it was later shown that the Reagan administration illegally continued (See Iran-Contra affair). Gareau has characterized these acts as "wholesale terrorism" by the United States.
Together with Rosey Edeh, France Gareau and Gail Harris she won a bronze medal in the 4 × 400 metres relay at the 1990 Commonwealth Games. Together with Rosey Edeh, Karen Clarke and Charmaine Crooks she finished sixth in the 4 × 400 metres relay at the 1991 World Championships. She also competed at the 400 metres, reaching the quarter-final.
François Saint-Onge (March 9, 1781 – February 27, 1842) was a merchant and political figure in Lower Canada. He represented Richelieu in the Legislative Assembly of Lower Canada from 1820 to 1824. His surname also appears as Garau, Garault dit Saint-Onge and Gareau.
He was born in Saint-Ours, the son of François Daigle and Angèle Gareau. In 1858, he married Marie-Eugénie-Mélina Hertel de Rouville, the daughter of seigneur Jean-Baptiste-René Hertel de Rouville. Daigle was later employed by the Department of Immigration at Montreal. He died there at the age of 76.
Gareau served as the Grand Marshal of the 2005 Boston Marathon and was allowed to "break the tape" in a special ceremony. She married her former coach, Montreal banker Gilles Lapierre. She has a son, Yannick Lapierre, who participates in Nordic Skiing.
At the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles Bailey came in sixth in the 100 m and the silver medal with the Canadian team, made up of Marita Payne, Angella Taylor-Issajenko and France Gareau. She was selected for the 1980 Olympic team, but Canada boycotted the event.
He married his third wife, Canadian singer Catherine McKinnon in 1969. Harron and McKinnon divorced in 2003. He moved in with and later married his fourth wife, Claudette Gareau, who had played the separatist weather girl in "Shh! It’s the News" (1973) appearing with Harron.
Gareau met Ruiz two years after the marathon as she prepared to run a 10K race in Miami, Florida. The encounter was brief and Ruiz refused (as she continues to do) to concede that she did not win the 1980 marathon.
In 1991, a book edited by Alexander L. George also argued that other Western powers sponsored terror in developing countries. It concluded that the US and its allies were the main supporters of terrorism throughout the world. Gareau states that the number of deaths caused by non-state terrorism (3668 deaths between 1968 and 1980, as estimated by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)) is "dwarfed" by those resulting from state terrorism in US-backed regimes such as Guatemala (150,000 killed, 50,000 missing during the Guatemalan Civil War - 93% of whom Gareau classifies as "victims of state terrorism"). In "Worse Than War," Daniel Goldhagen argues that during the last two decades of the Cold War, the number of American client states practicing mass murder outnumbered those of the Soviet Union. According to Latin Americanist John Henry Coatsworth, the number of repression victims in Latin America alone far surpassed that of the U.S.S.R. and its East European satellites during the period 1960 to 1990.
At the 1984 Summer Olympics, held in Los Angeles, Payne won a silver medal in the 4 × 400 metres relay with her teammates Charmaine Crooks, Jillian Richardson and Molly Killingbeck. She also competed with her teammates Angela Bailey, Angella Taylor-Issajenko and France Gareau in the 4 × 100 metres relay, in which the team also won a silver medal. She finished fourth in the individual 400 metres, establishing a new Canadian record (49.91).
He was born François-Étienne Saint-Onge in Contrecœur, the son of François Gareau and Élisabeth Dufaux, and settled in Saint-Ours. Saint-Onge also served as justice of the peace and commissioner for the summary trial of minor causes. In 1798, he married Marie-Angélique dite Labonté, a relative; her surname also appears as Laporte. He did not run for reelection to the assembly in 1824. Perrault died in Saint-Ours at the age of 60.