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Examples of "garlandus"
A treatise on alchemy, "Compendium alchimiae", often printed under his name, was by a 14th-century writer named Ortolanus (Martin Ortolan, or Lortholain). The 11th century writings on computus by Garlandus have occasionally been attributed to Johannes de Garlandia.
Garlandus Compotista also known as "Garland the Computist" was an early medieval logician of the eleventh-century school of Liège. Little is known of his life; the "Dialectica" published under his name by L. M. de Rijk is now commonly attributed to Gerlandus of Besançon (early 12th century).
Based mainly on Aristotle, the first medieval philosopher to work on dialectics was Boethius. After him, many scholastic philosophers also made use of dialectics in their works, such as Abelard, William of Sherwood, Garlandus Compotista, Walter Burley, Roger Swyneshed, William of Ockham, and Thomas Aquinas.