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The band have a subgroup, which is known as MINIQLO. (This comes from the phrase "Mini Garnet Crow".) The two members of Garnet Crow involved in this are Nakamura Yuri and Okamoto Hitoshi. Yuri sings and plays the piano, while Okamoto provides the chorus vocals and plays the guitar. MINIQLO have started to perform at Garnet Crow live concerts. So far, they have released two mini-albums, "Paralyzed Frequency" and "above all else!!", each of which features their versions of three Garnet Crow songs. So far, these CDs have only been available at 2010 live venues, and "above all else!!" was sold at the 2010-2011 Special Countdown Live.
Garnet Crow (stylized as GARNET CROW) was a Japanese pop/rock band formed in 1999 and associated with the Giza Studio record label. Members include Yuri Nakamura, Hitoshi Okamoto, Azuki Nana, and Hirohito Furui, with Nakamura leading on vocals. Music produced by Garnet Crow has its roots in the Neo Acoustic genre, and representative works include "Flying", "Yume Mita Ato De", and "Spiral". Despite prolific early singles, the band neither performed live nor appeared on TV prior to 2002.
During live performances as a solo artist, Okamoto sometimes plays "Garnet Crow" songs, or even invites the other Garnet members to appear as guest musicians. In "Garnet Crow" live performances, Okamoto provides back-up vocals in addition to playing the guitar. Occasionally he will even perform a song as the lead singer.
The mixed composition of Garnet Crow and Nakamura's deep vocals set the group apart from its contemporaries. Each individual member has also seen industry success: Nakamura and Azuki often share the limelight for Garnet Crow, but Okamoto has achieved a solo career and Furui is a sought-after music arranger – one of the highest paid in Japan.
The discography of Garnet Crow,a Japanese J-pop band, consists of eight studio albums, one extended play, and thirty-one singles.
Terminus is the tenth and last studio album by Japanese group Garnet Crow. The album was released on March 20, 2013 by Giza Studio.
Locks is the sixth studio album by Japanese group Garnet Crow. The album was released on March 18, 2008 under Giza Studio label.
Crystallize: Kimi to Iu Hikari is the third studio album by Japanese group Garnet Crow. The album was released on November 12, 2003 under Giza Studio label.
Sparkle: Sujigakidōri no Sky Blue is the second studio album by Japanese group Garnet Crow. The album was released on April 24, 2002 under Giza Studio label.
I'm Waiting 4 You is the fourth studio album by Japanese group Garnet Crow. The album was released on December 8, 2004 under Giza Studio label.
After the success as a songwriter, Ishiguro started to write songs for many singers like Mai Kuraki, Zard, and Garnet Crow.
The eight pieces of music are I Just Wanna Hold You Tight by Miho Komatsu from episodes 1-13, by Sayuri Iwata from episodes 14-26, by Sparkling Point from episodes 27-39, by Shiori Takei from episodes 40- 51, Miracle by Rina Aiuchi from episodes 52-62, by Garnet Crow from episodes 65-77, by Aiko Kitahara from episodes 78-90, and by Garnet Crow from episodes 91-102.
Parallel Universe is the eighth studio album by Japanese group Garnet Crow. The album was released on December 8, 2010, by Giza Studio. The lead single, "Over Drive", was released on April 14, 2010. The album's limited edition comes with a DVD of the band's concert, "GARNET CROW Symphonic Concert 2010 ~All Lovers~". The album reached #10 rank in Oricon for first week with 15,773 sold copies. It charted for 7 weeks and sold 22,911 copies.
The episodes use five pieces of theme music: two opening themes and three closing themes. The first opening theme is "Mysterious Eyes" by Garnet Crow until episode 204. The second opening theme is by Rina Aiuchi. The first ending theme is "Secret of My Heart" by Mai Kuraki until episode 204. The second ending theme is by Garnet Crow. The third ending theme is "Start in My Life" by Mai Kuraki and begins on episode 219.
The theme song used for this film is "Over Drive" by Garnet Crow which was released as a single on April 14, 2010. The official soundtrack of the film was released on April 14, 2010.
Stay: Yoake no Soul is the seventh studio album by Japanese group Garnet Crow. The album was released on September 30, 2009, by Giza Studio. The lead single, "Yume no Hitotsu", was released on August 13, 2008.
First Kaleidscope [sic]: Kimi no Uchi ni Tsuku made Zutto Hashitte Yuku is the first mini album by Japanese group Garnet Crow. The mini album was released on December 4, 1999, by Tent House.
Memories is the ninth studio album by Japanese group Garnet Crow. The album was released on December 7, 2011, by Giza Studio. This is last album where a theme song from Detective Conan was included.
First Soundscope: Mizu no Nai Hareta Umi e is the debut studio album by Japanese group Garnet Crow. The album was released on January 31, 2001 under Giza Studio label.
In the creation process roles are clearly divided, with primary duties like composition, creation of lyrics, and editing for most Garnet Crow songs being handled by the members themselves. Particularly Nakamura's scores and Azuki's lyrics are the core foundation for all the band's songs. The works' roots lie in the Neo Acoustic genre, and at the time of its debut Garnet Crow's own musicality was hailed as "21st Century Neo-Neo Acoustics." From the 1999 debut and lasting nearly 2½ years the band mainly focused on CD production, but in 2002 Garnet Crow went live for the first time and since then has performed publicly more than 20 times, primarily in Japan's three major metropolitan centers: Tokyo, Nagoya, and Kyoto. Using the experience of their public performances, Garnet Crow began to consciously produce music with the live setting in mind, incorporating elements of Latin American music and Canzone into their work.