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Examples of "garriga"
The Nationalist troops occupied La Garriga on 1 February.
Salvador Garriga Polledo (born 6 August 1957 in Gijon)
Toward the end of his life, Markevitch and the Spanish pianist Carlota Garriga became companions.
Garriga, Joaquim and Bosch, Joan. L'architecture figuratives dels Arts i les Segles XVI-XVII, pág.216
In 2008, the town council in La Garriga honoured him as Illustrious Citizen.
Garriga later died at age 78. He is buried in the crypt of Corpus Christi Cathedral.
Enric Garriga i Trullols died in Barcelona on November 17, 2011, at the age of 85.
Pere Tena Garriga (May 14, 1928 – February 10, 2014) was a Catalan Roman Catholic bishop.
Joseph Napoléon Sébastien Sarda Garriga (1808–1877) was a French abolitionist.
Garriga died due to injuries suffered in a street bike accident in August 2015.
Schwantz into second, and it becomes a tight 5-man group: Gardner, Schwantz, Rainey, Lawson and Juan Garriga.
Barros was now in the lead, but Garriga and Crivillé have caught him. Kocinski back a ways in 4th.
Jordi Puntí i Garriga (born 1967 in Manlleu, Barcelona) is a Catalan language writer, columnist, and translator.
1981 "Olga de Amaral, Grau Garriga, Tapta, Varbanov", Musèe d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, France, October.
Doug Chandler joined the 3 at the front, but crasheed out. Juan Garriga and Àlex Crivillé battled for 4th.
The Bombing of La Garriga where a series of Nationalist air raids which took place at La Garriga, Barcelona province between the 28 and 29 January 1939 during the Spanish Civil War. At least 13 civilians were killed in the bombings.
Mariano Garriga was born in Port Isabel, Texas, to Frank and Elizabeth (née Baker) Garriga. He studied at St. Mary College in Kansas City, Kansas, and at St. Francis Seminary in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He was ordained to the priesthood on July 2, 1911. He then served as assistant chancellor of the Archdiocese of San Antonio until 1912, when he became a curate in Marfa.
In 2010 he fell ill and travelled to La Garriga to undergo the treatment which enabled him to go back to his home in Makary. However, he died on Thursday 18 November that year. He is buried in La Doma cemetery, in La Garriga.
Progressive Union of Minorca () is a liberal centre-right political party in Es Mercadal municipality, Minorca, Spain. The president of the party is José Antonio Garriga.
Santini married Irma Garriga on August 23, 1986. They have three children together: Odette (b. 1987), Jorge Andrés (b. 1996), and Amanda (b. 2003)