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Examples of "garrigan"
Abigail Garrigan as Catherine | Salisbury | Pippin
Mike Garrigan is a singer-songwriter from Greensboro, North Carolina.
Liam Garrigan will play King Arthur in "The Last Knight".
Kano and Garrigan subsequently formed the band mg4 with McKinney and Vogt, releasing a Summer 2004 EP entitled "Gravity Affects Me." Garrigan has since stepped back into his solo career and production work.
Amin arranges a plane for the release of non-Israeli passengers, and the torturers leave Garrigan unconscious and bleeding on the floor while they relax in another room. Garrigan's medical colleague, Dr. Junju, takes advantage of the opportunity to rescue him. He urges Garrigan to tell the world the truth about Amin's regime, asserting that the world will believe Garrigan because he is white. Junju gives Garrigan his own jacket, enabling him to mingle unnoticed with the crowd of freed hostages and board the plane. When the torturers discover Garrigan's absence, Junju is killed for aiding in the escape while the plane departs with Garrigan on board. Amin is informed too late to prevent it, while Garrigan tearfully remembers the people of Uganda.
Jacques Garrigan was a bookseller in Avignon, France, in the 18th century.
Abigail Garrigan as Olive Ostrovsky | Salisbury | The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee
Founded by Artistic Director Alison Garrigan, TCT has a board of directors and paid staff.
In 1993, the Sister Patricia Garrigan Scholarship Fund was established to honor Sister Patricia Garrigan for her 22 years of commitment as an administrator of St. Francis Hospital. The purpose of this scholarship is to educate worthy students pursuing health care careers within St. Francis Hospital. This scholarship may be awarded to employees or non-employees and the amount varies according to needs and is funded by the Cheers fund. The Sister Patricia Garrigan Scholarship does not cover undergraduate core curriculum.
As of September 2016, Garrigan is engaged to singer-songwriter Beth Rowley.
Lead singer Steve Garrigan appeared on episode 18 of "The Midnight Hour".
Kay informs Garrigan that she has become pregnant with his child. Aware that Amin will murder her for infidelity if he discovers this, she begs Garrigan for a secret abortion. Delayed by Amin's command that he attend a press conference with Western journalists, Garrigan fails to meet Kay at the appointed time. She concludes she has been abandoned and seeks out a primitive abortion in a nearby village, where she is apprehended by Amin's forces. Garrigan finds her dismembered corpse on an autopsy table and falls retching to his knees, finally confronting the inhumanity of Amin's regime and decides killing him will end it all.
Garrigan soon becomes Amin's trusted confidant and is relied on for much more than medical care, such as matters of state. Although Garrigan is aware of violence around Kampala, he accepts Amin's explanation that cracking down on the opposition will bring lasting peace to the country. Garrigan discovers that the polygamous leader has ostracised the youngest of his three wives, Kay, because she has given birth to an epileptic son, Mackenzie. When treating Mackenzie, Garrigan and Kay form a relationship and sleep with each other, but Kay tells him he must find a way to leave Uganda. Eventually, Garrigan begins to lose faith in Amin as he witnesses the increasing paranoia, murders, and xenophobia in expelling South Asians from the country. Amin replaces Garrigan's British passport with a Ugandan one to prevent him from escaping, which leads Garrigan to frantically seek help from Stone, the local British Foreign Office representative. Garrigan is told the British will help him leave Uganda if he uses his position to assassinate Amin, but Garrigan refuses.
Garrigan was born in Perth to Mary Henrietta (née Anderson) and Timothy Garrigan. After leaving school, he lived in New South Wales for a period, working variously as a farmer, horse breaker, shearer, and station overseer. Garrigan moved to Kalgoorlie-Boulder in 1929 to work on the mines, and eventually became an underground supervisor. He served on the executive and management committee of the Australian Workers' Union's mining division.
The Ukrainians were furious that Mick goofed up but, realising that Garrigan would have all his goons on their trail, they released Ali and fled the country. After recovering in hospital, Garrigan discovered that Mick was behind the assassination attempt and forced Mick to amputate one of his own fingers as punishment for double-crossing him. Carol, in an attempt to protect her son from Garrigan's wrath, offered herself to him. Garrigan accepted and told her that Lorcan was safe.
In 2001, Mike Garrigan became a member of Athenaeum and later went on to form the group mg4.
Abigail Garrigan, Carolyn Boulay, Dane Galbraith | “The I Love You Song” | Salisbury | The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee
In 1970, Nicholas Garrigan graduates from medical school at the University of Edinburgh. With dull prospects at home, he decides to seek adventure abroad by working at a Ugandan missionary clinic run by Dr. David Merrit (Adam Kotz) and Merrit's wife, Sarah. Garrigan becomes attracted to Sarah, who enjoys the attention, but refuses to engage in an extramarital affair.
Hull has produced several veteran stage and TV actors. Sir Tom Courtenay, Ian Carmichael and Maureen Lipman were born and brought up in Hull. Younger actors Reece Shearsmith, Debra Stephenson and Liam Garrigan were also born in Hull. Garrigan attended Hull's Northern Theatre Company and Wyke College.
Pope Leo XIII named Irishman Philip J. Garrigan, a priest of the Diocese of Springfield, Massachusetts, as first Bishop of Sioux City. At the time of his appointment Garrigan was serving as Vice-rector of the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C.