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verbesina              oblongifolia              megacarpa              parviflorus              bracteata              fouquieria              auriculata              eriophyllum              breviflora              chrysantha              spathulata              anomalum              sonorae              clethra              weinmannia              congdonii              russelia              wahlenbergia              ozothamnus              caespitosa              corallorhiza              ellipticum              desmanthus              congesta              acaena              brevifolium              laxiflora              mucronata              lepidota              coronopifolia              squarrosa              cercocarpus              porophyllum              glabrescens              wikstroemia              foliosa              cercidium              domingensis              glandulosum              hirtella              latifolium              acutifolia              hackelia              subulata              sessiliflora              cuneifolia              micrantha              tenuifolium              campanulata              stipularis             

Examples of "garrya"
Garrya ovata, with the common names eggleaf silktassel, Mexican silktassel, and eggleaf garrya, is a plant species native to New Mexico, Texas, and to central and northern Mexico.
Garrya buxifolia is a species of flowering shrub, known by the common names dwarf silktassel and boxleaf silktassel, in the "Garrya" genus.
Al-Garrya (Arabic: القرية) is a village on the island of Sitra, Bahrain.
Garrya flavescens is a species of flowering shrub, known by the common name ashy silktassel.
Of the three, only "Garrya ovata" subsp. "lindheimeri' is found within the United States.
Both Fremont silktassel ("Garrya fremontii") and Ashy silktassel ("Garrya flavescens") have similar fruit characteristics, but have a flat leaf margin. Fremont silktassel has yellow-green leaves and fruits that are almost lacking in hairs. Fremont silktassel is found from the Mount Hamilton area and Loma Prieta area ranging north to Marin County (for example, on Mount Tamalpais. Ashy silktassel ("Garrya flavescens pallida") has grayish leaves and is reported to occur in the Alameda County hills.
"Garrya flavescens" is a shrub reaching a maximum height approaching three meters.
Garrya veatchii is a species of flowering shrub known by the common names canyon silktassel and Veatch silktassel.
Sitra's housing area is located in Al-Garrya. It is not to be confused with the eponymous village near Budaiya Highway.
Garrya congdonii, the chaparral silktassel or Congdon silktassel, a fairly common evergreen shrub native to the northern California Coast Ranges, is one of a small biological family of approximately twenty known species in the family "Garryaceae", most of which are Garrya. While the female and male sexual organs of Congdon silktassel are on separate plants, the pendant male catkins are much more showy. This plant is reasonably attractive and neat enough in its growing habit to be appealing as a landscape species. It is stocked commonly at commercial plant nurseries. All Garrya are associated with warm temperate regions of North America.
Characteristic shrubs include Coyote Brush "(Baccharis pilularis)", California Yerba Santa "(Eriodictyon californicum)", Coast silk-tassel "(Garrya elliptica)", Salal "(Gaultheria shallon)", and Yellow Bush Lupine "(Lupinus arboreus)".
Garrya wrightii is a species of flowering plant in the family Garryaceae known by the common names Wright's silktassel, quinine-bush, coffee berry, bearberry, feverbush, and grayleaf dogwood.
"Garrya wrightii" is a shrub slowly growing up to tall. It has branches that are square in cross-section and thick, tough leaves.
The unique characteristics of "Garrya elliptica" are its waxy convex leaves with wavy leaf margins, coupled with dense individual hairs on the leaf undersides that are scarcely distinguishable with a hand lens. Its leaf blades are six to eight centimeters in length, and has petioles which range in length from six to twelve millimeters. For identification purposes Congdon silk-tassel ("Garrya congdonii") is most closely related. Congdon silk-tassel has the same leaf appearance, but leaf hairs are distinguishable with a hand lens and both leaf blades and petioles are about two thirds the size of Coast silk-tassel. Both Fremont silk-tassel ("Garrya fremontii") and Ashy silk-tassel ("Garrya flavescens") have similar fruit characteristics, but have a flat leaf margin.
Garrya is a genus of flowering plants in the family Garryaceae, native to Mexico, the western United States, Central America and the Greater Antilles. Common names include silk tassel, and tassel bush
"Garrya fremontii" is a shrub reaching a maximum height of three to four meters. The leaves are oval-shaped, 2 to 12 centimeters long and about half as wide, and smooth green, rarely with hairs on the undersides.
The family is found in warm temperate and subtropical regions, "Garrya" in North America, and "Aucuba" in eastern Asia. They are evergreen shrubs or small trees with opposite, simple leaves.
Garrya fremontii is a species of flowering shrub known by several common names, including California fever bush, bearbrush, and Frémont's silktassel. Both the latter name, and the plant's specific epithet are derived from John C. Frémont
Congdon discovered over 30 new species of plants, many of which are rare and endemic to the Yosemite region, including "Lewisia congdonii", "Eriophyllum congdonii", "Garrya congdonii", "Lomatium congdonii", "Monolopia congdonii", and others.
"Garrya ovata" is a shrub up to tall and wide. The leaves are thick and leathery, ovate, up to long, tomentose on both sides when young, at maturity glabrous above but tomentose below.