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Gauvin was manager of a lumber and sawmill company, he was also logger in the family business. He became the owner of R.-A. Gauvin Transport, a company specializing in the transportation of timber. Gauvin is also the owner of a pilot license.
From 1975 until 1985, Gauvin was the Mayor of Saint-Adalbert, Quebec. Gauvin ran in the 1985 Quebec provincial election for the seat of Montmagny-L'Islet against incumbent Jacques Leblanc and won by nearly twenty five points.
Marshall J. Gauvin (1881–1978) was a notable author and speaker in the Freethought movement.
Defence: Joel Godeau, Claude Blanchard, Philippe Lacarriere, René Blanchard, Joel Gauvin
Defence: Joel Godeau, Claude Blanchard, Philippe Lacarriere, René Blanchard, Joel Gauvin
Winner: "G.F. Handel: Apollo e Dafne Silete Venti", Karina Gauvin, Russell Braun, Les Violons Du Roy
Whilst at Lorient Gauvin played in the 2002 Coupe de France Final in which they beat SC Bastia.
Turmel, with Therese and Ray, Marc and Emi Gauvin and Serge Girard picketed the Bilderberger conference held at Chateau Montebello.
Gauvin Alexander Bailey is an American art historian, and Associate Professor of Art History, at The University of Aberdeen.
The smaller communities of Lac-Gauvin and Saint-Maurice-de-Dalquier are also within the municipal boundaries of Amos.
The Cheval Gauvin (French : Gauvin horse) is a legendary evil horse of Franche-Comté, France and the Jura Mountains in Switzerland. It is said to frequent watercourses, forests or cemeteries and to kill those who mount it by drowning them or throwing them into chasms.
It was presented to Charles de Gaulle by the association's president, commander Paul Gauvin at Esternay, with the radio journalist Jean-Pierre Elkabbach also present.
Written and illustrated by Hub with colors done by Hub (Humbert Chabuel) and Stephan Pecayo. The English translation was provided by Edward Gauvin.
The Patriots NFL Cheerleaders are simply known as the Patriots Cheerleaders. In 2005, cheerleader Kristin Gauvin won Miss Massachusetts, in part from her local commitment with the Patriots.
Born in Quebec City, Quebec, the son of Émile Castonguay and Jeanne Gauvin, he studied at Université Laval and studied actuary science at the University of Manitoba.
In middle 1983, he founded the band Humphrey Salade with Norman Lachance, Eric Maier and Jean Gauvin. Unfortunately, timing was not right and the band never recorded.
William-Henry Gauvin, (March 30, 1913 – June 6, 1994) was a dedicated educator, world-renowned Canadian chemical engineer and champion of industry-university-governmental research in Canada.
Many renowned soloists have performed under his direction. These performers include Sondra Radvanovsky, Karina Gauvin, Ben Heppner, Richard Margison, Michael Schade and Russell Braun.
Karina Gauvin is a Canadian soprano who has made several recordings and is especially recognised for her interpretation of Baroque music. "Opera News" stated that, "Gauvin knows how to rivet an audience in opera and concert. She has been a queen of Baroque opera for years. Her personality is big enough to dominate her elaborate wigs and costumes, and her soprano voice is like a clear, refreshing and inexhaustible spring that darts and sparkles around any ornamental obstacle in its way."
With historical assistance by Jean-Pierre Filiu, Beauchard published the 2012 graphic novel "Best of Enemies: A History of US and Middle East Relations" through SelfMadeHero. It was translated to English by Edward Gauvin.