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Examples of "gavaggio"
Enak Gavaggio (born 1976) is a French freestyle skier. He represented France at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.
For the first season, the presidency of the club was entrusted to Jean Gavaggio, a chemical engineer at the Boinot factory. Georges Poussard, also a worker in the factory, was appointed as the club's first secretary. The original team played in a fully white strip, and competed in the regional championship of the Ligue de Charentes. In 1929, the Swiss footballer Franchina was named as the club's first manager and the first committee was elected. Throughout the 1930s the club continued to grow in size, enlisting more players and members, despite the team performing relatively poorly in the league.
On the final day of competition, the weather deteriorated throughout the day The weather likely affected the turnout, with around 4,000 fewer spectators than Winter X Games XI. The ski cross course was affected by weather conditions as the day went on, and there were several major crashes involving top competitors. Lars Lewen, Juha Haukkala, and Karin Huttary all had to be taken to the hospital following injuries; Enak Gavaggio was involved in the same crash as Lewen, but refused transport. American Daron Rahlves, a three time Olympian, won the gold in the men's event, his first X Games medal. Errol Kerr, who had the fastest time of the day in any heat, did not medal. Sarah Burke defended her gold medal in the women's ski superpipe competition, defeating Swiss ex-snowboarder Mirjam Jaeger.