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kiingereza              kacipo              irepo              sojoni              daljine              byaing              afawa              mulyanto              xaitongmoin              dovolno              tokek              vugi              daulle              canterai              menthya              videti              nakorovou              bereter              tumawa              edrea              bahudibe              knjigo              msamiati              eskn              paggor              potpuno              dnkn              pdey              suidaine              sekedar              udomporn              rokotakala              dukawa              vartex              paoar              netko              senkoase              kepadamu              kapeli              nitong              htoke              vredam              gubim              buzrug              diegong              brjag              ngath              phosai              dostojanstvu              galb             

Examples of "gboro"
On their return, they found that all their other brothers had left Ile-Ife to found and establish their different kingdoms, Ajibogun and Agigiri followed suit, they are accompanied by a large entourage including fifty specially selected people. Historians are divided on the routes taken, One of such routes described took them from Oniyangi in Ile-Ife, through many places like Ita Ijero, Ile-Ido, Igbadae, Igbo Owaluse on Iwara road, after many years they came to Ibokun. Other historians gave scanty account of their route, they wrote that the two brothers departed Ile-Ife with their beaded crowns near Ilowa. Ajibogun and his entourage passed through Ipole and finally settled in Ilesha while Agigiri and his entourage journeyed from Ibokun and finally settled in Ijebu Jesa under the shade of a large tree with big shady leaves (ewe ti o gboro) this tree was later recognised as 'Iroko Oja'. He named the settlement Egboro, other historians claimed he named the settlement Ijebu in reference to the role played by Agigiri and Ajibogun in fetching sea water for the restoration of their father's sight: A jo lo bu omi okun, Ajo'bu, through long time usage, coinage and twisting of tongues, the words later came to be known and called Ijebu, because Ijebu lies within Ijeshaland, it came to be known as Ijebu-Jesa.