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Examples of "gdbserver"
Bionic doesn't include libthread_db (used by gdbserver), but there is one in the NDK; Android uses a statically-linked gdbserver so developers can use the latest gdb even on old devices.
gdbserver is a computer program that makes it possible to remotely debug other programs. Running on the same system as the program to be debugged, it allows the GNU Debugger to connect from another system; that is, only the executable to be debugged needs to be resident on the target system ("target"), while the source code and a copy of the binary file to be debugged reside on the developer’s local computer ("host"). The connection can be either TCP or a serial line.
GDB offers a 'remote' mode often used when debugging embedded systems. Remote operation is when GDB runs on one machine and the program being debugged runs on another. GDB can communicate to the remote 'stub' which understands GDB protocol via Serial or TCP/IP. A stub program can be created by linking to the appropriate stub files provided with GDB, which implement the target side of the communication protocol. Alternatively, gdbserver can be used to remotely debug the program without needing to change it in any way.