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Examples of "gedern"
On 13 May 1761 in Gedern, he married Princess Caroline of Stolberg-Gedern (1731–1796), daughter of Prince Frederick Charles of Stolberg-Gedern.
Gedern is divided into the districts of Gedern, Mittel-Seemen, Nieder-Seemen, Ober-Seemen, Steinberg, and Wenings.
The Lordship of Gedern (German: "Herrschaft Gedern") was a lordship or herrschaft centred on Gedern near Büdingen in Hesse, Germany. It is first recorded in a document from Lorsch Abbey dating to 780.
In February 1992, the city of Columbia invited the city of Gedern, Germany to take part in the US American "people to people program" with the goal to establish a partnership. Previously, citizens of Columbia had visited Gedern individually to search for their German ancestors. They had been successful in Wernings near Wenings, a district of Gedern. The contacts, resulting from these visits and discoveries, were to be integrated into an official sister city arrangement between Columbia and Gedern so relations could develop on this basis. After the "Declaration of Friendship" on April 29, 1992, the mayors Lester Schneider of Columbia and Rainer Schwarz of Gedern signed the proclamation of the sister city arrangement on May 8, 1993. Also on this day Barbara Gundlach, President of Verschwisterungsverein Gedern (Sister Cities of Gedern), was designated an honorary citizen of Columbia.
Ferdinande Henriette, Countess of Stolberg-Gedern, born 2 October 1699 at Gedern, Oberhessen, Hesse-Darmstadt, then in the Holy Roman Empire, was a daughter of Louis Christian, Count of Stolberg-Gedern, and Christine of Mecklenburg-Güstrow. She died at König, Starkenburg, Hesse-Darmstadt, on 31 January 1750, at age 50.
Columbia Plaza shows the importance of the sister city arrangement in Gedern. In Columbia, a street and a new subdivision were named after Gedern, and October 6, 2001, was declared Sister City of Gedern, Germany, Day by the State of Illinois.
263. Ferdinande Henriette, Countess of Stolberg-Gedern (mother of 131)
On 9 October 1771 he married Princess Caroline of Stolberg-Gedern (10 February 1755 – 15 April 1828), sister of the Jacobite consort Louise of Stolberg-Gedern and sister-in-law to Charles Edward Stuart, "the Young Pretender".
Born in Gedern, she was the second child of Christian Karl, Prince of Stolberg-Gedern and his wife Countess Eleonore of Reuss-Lobenstein. She was born three months after her father's death, on 21 July 1764.
Caroline of Stolberg-Gedern (27 June 1732 in Gedern – 28 May 1796 in Langenburg) was a Princess of Stolberg-Gerdern by birth and by marriage a princess of Hohenlohe-Langenburg.
In Gedern on 5 June 1780, Karl Wilhelm married Louise of Stolberg-Gedern. They had no children. The widowed Louise later married Duke Eugen of Württemberg and had issue.
Caroline of Stolberg-Gedern may refer to the following German noblewomen:
In 1677 the house of Stolberg-Gedern was created by the division of the lands of the house of Stolberg-Wernigerode. The second count of Stolberg-Gedern, Frederick Charles, bought promotion to the status of an imperial prince from Charles VII, Holy Roman Emperor on 18 February 1742. The Princes of Stolberg-Gedern became extinct in the male line in 1804 and so the lordship of Gedern was passed back to the main Stolberg-Wernigerode line. However, with the adoption of the sovereignty rights outlined in the Treaty of the Confederation of the Rhine, that line had to cede it to Hesse-Darmstadt. In 1816 Gedern and the Stolberg-Wernigerode line also briefly fell under Isenburg. In 1945 the area became part of Großhessen, then the following year part of Hesse.
She was a daughter of Frederick Charles of Stolberg-Gedern and his wife, Countess Louise Henriette of Nassau-Saarbrücken.
The city coat of arms shows two trout on a red and silver striped background. These represent the copious amounts of fish that were caught in and around Gedern throughout its history. The silver stripes stand for the two creeks that run through Gedern "Mühlbach" and "Gänsbach".
Countess Karoline Ernestine of Erbach-Schönberg, born 20 August 1727 (20 July, according to other sources) at Gedern, Oberhessen, Hesse-Darmstadt, in the then Holy Roman Empire, was a daughter of George August, Count of Erbach-Schönberg, and Ferdinande Henriette, Countess of Stolberg-Gedern. She died at Ebersdorf, Thuringia, on 22 April 1796, at age 68.
Frederick Charles, Prince of Stolberg-Gedern (11 October 1693 – 28 September 1767), was a German politician. He founded the Stolberg-Gedern line of the House of Stolberg, which ended in 1804 when it became part of the line of Stolberg-Wernigerode.
The town of Gedern in Hesse, acquired in 1535, became the seat of the cadet branch of Stolberg-Gedern in 1677. This junior line, raised to an imperial principality by Emperor Charles VII of Wittelsbach in 1742, was reacquired by Stolberg-Wernigerode in 1804. The Wernigerode line also re-acquired Stolberg-Schwarza on 14 September 1748.
Stockheim station is served by several regional bus routes. From 1 May to 31 October each year routes VB-90 to VB-95 of the "Vogelsberger Vulkan-Express" (Vogelsberg Volcano Express, "Vex") operate. Route VB-90 runs from Stockheim station via Gedern, Grebenhain, Herbstein and Lauterbach. Route VB-94 runs from Büdingen via Stockheim and Gedern to Hoherodskopf.
On 21 January 1787, in Meiningen, he married Princess Louise of Stolberg-Gedern, daughter of Prince Christian Karl of Stolberg-Gedern and Countess Eleanore Reuss of Lobenstein. Louise was the widow of Charles William, Duke of Saxe-Meiningen. They had five children: