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Examples of "geerts"
Frans Geerts or Augustinus Franciscus Maria (Frans) Geerts (Antwerp, 14 September 1869 – Borgerhout, 30 June 1957) was a Belgian painter.
Born in Antwerp, Geerts played club football for Beerschot VAC.
Paul Geerts (complete name Paulus Josephus Coleta Geerts) (16 May 1937 at Turnhout) is a Flemish comics artist who succeeded Willy Vandersteen as the main artist of the Spike and Suzy series.
Geerts is a Dutch patronymic surname, meaning "son of Geert". Notable people with the surname include:
André Geerts (18 December 1955 – 27 July 2010) was a Belgian comics creator best known for his series "Jojo".
Christiane Geerts is a former Belgian racing cyclist. She won the Belgian national road race title in 1967.
Charles Geerts (born 29 October 1930) is a Belgian former international footballer who played as a goalkeeper.
Vandersteen established Studio Vandersteen in 1952 to manage his expanded activities. To have time for other series such as "De Rode Ridder" ("The Red Knight") and "Tijl Uilenspiegel", he gave Paul Geerts the job of creating new albums of "Suske en Wiske" in 1968. Geerts did this until 2001, when he gave this task to Marc Verhaegen. From 2005 on, a team of writers and cartoonists makes the new series, led by Luc Morjeau. These authors are helped by Studio Vandersteen.
In September 2007, the city council of Amsterdam at the behest of mayor Job Cohen, concerned about trafficking and pimping in the area, forced the owner Charlie Geerts to close 51 prostitution windows, reducing the total number of windows in De Wallen by a third. Amsterdam authorities bought 18 properties from Geerts, with the aim of developing the area with fashion designers and other upscale businesses.
Frans Geerts’ work is very diverse. He painted realistic and romantic portraits, pastoral and religious scenes, still lifes with flowers and landscapes. He predominantly made oil paintings, but also watercolors, ink drawings and even tapestries.
FIBA European Selection roster: Dino Meneghin (Italy), Pierluigi Marzorati (Italy), Renzo Bariviera (Italy), Ivan Bisson (Italy), Wayne Brabender (Spain), Luis Miguel Santillana (Spain), Carmelo Cabrera (Spain), Jacques Cachemire (France), Etienne Geerts (Belgium), Imre Nytrai (Belgium). Coach: Giancarlo Primo (Italy)
Lambert Tevoet was a tailor who worked for Bartemeier and Geerts. He probably did not have the house built, but he was an early owner and lived here for many years.
Goovaerts decided to become a painter and against the wishes of his father he attended the Academy of Mechelen in Belgium. There he studied from 1883 to 1885 and was taught by among others, academy director Willem Geerts.
Mike Smith was divorced from his first wife Jill Smith, a former horse trainer who became a celebrity hairdresser. They had one son, James. Mike lived with his longtime partner, Jane Geerts, for 18 years between 1980 and 1998.
Geerts was no avant-garde artist and never played a prominent role in Antwerp’s artistic scene. Nevertheless, he seems to have had a certain commercial success. His works are held in private collections and regularly appear at auctions in Belgium and abroad.
In late 2007, Cohen moved to reduce prostitution in Amsterdam, following allegations that Hells Angels and other organized criminals had taken over the prostitution industry. The city council bought 18 buildings in the red light district De Wallen from Charlie Geerts in order to convert them into upscale establishments and revoked the license of the luxury brothel Yab Yum.
Apart from original paintings, his works include numerous creative adaptations of well-known artists' works, such as Adriaen Brouwer, Václav Brožík, Henri De Braekeleer and David Teniers II. Geerts also painted a detailed copy of Pieter Bruegel the Elder’s The Peasant Dance.
According to the RKD he was a pupil of Nicolaas Geerts in 1607 and became master of the Antwerp Guild of St. Luke in 1615. In 1624 he married Elisabeth Rombouts and the painter Abraham Govaerts was his "witness" (best man). Both Govaerts and Van der Lanen were known for their landscapes, and the painter Frans Francken II often added staffage for them.
FIBA European Selection roster: Pierluigi Marzorati (Italy), Fabrizio Della Fiori (Italy), Gianni Bertolotti (Italy), Renzo Bariviera (Italy), Juan Antonio Corbalán (Spain), Rafael Rullan (Spain), Manuel Flores (Spain), Kamil Brabenec (Czechoslovakia), Zdenek Kos (Czechoslovakia), Atanas Golomeev (Bulgaria), Etienne Geerts (Belgium). Coach: Antonio Díaz-Miguel (Spain)
Paul Geerts joined the Studio in 1968, where he at first worked as an artist on the German "Jerom" comics. Already in 1969, he replaced De Rop as the main inker for "Suske en Wiske". Geerts also drew Vandersteens attention when he proposed a few scenario's for "Jerom", and in 1971 he made his first story for "Suske en Wiske". From 1972 on, he became the main creator of the flagship series "Suske en Wiske", which he continued until the late 1990s. De Rop and Goossens again became the main inkers, with Geerts responsible for the stories and the pencil art. In these years, "Suske en Wiske" reached its peak popularity, and the older stories now were republished in colours in the main series. In 1975 and 1976, the Dutch television broadcast six puppet movies with new "Suske en Wiske" stories. They were very successful and sales of new albums reached over 200,000 copies. The merchandising business boomed as well, and commercial comics were one of the main new jobs for the Studio.