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Examples of "gefwert"
Beginning in 1974, Mr. McGoveran began researching quantum logic and new approaches to discrete mathematics (especially for physics). He became acquainted with, and starting working with, the combinatorial hierarchy and E. W. "Ted" Bastin, Frederick Parker-Rhodes, John Amson, and Clive W. Kilmister through H. Pierre Noyes in 1980 and began applying his own work on discrete mathematics to physics. He worked with H. Pierre Noyes starting in 1982 in the Theory Group at SLAC (Stanford University), making contributions to the discrete mathematical foundations of physics (e.g., bit-string physics), and was invited to be Visiting Scholar (1986-1992). The work Prephysics (with Chris Gefwert and H. Pierre Noyes) discusses a philosophy of science behind discrete physics, including McGoveran's multidisciplinary modeling methodology. In Foundations of a Discrete Physics a pregeometry and purely discrete and finite justification for differential geometry (called the ordering operator calculus) is developed from first principles and applied it to physics. The work includes a purely combinatorial derivation of the parallel transport operator, shows that the construction of certain discrete analogs to velocity intrinsically obey Lorentz invariance, while giving commutation relations, and the uncertainty principle. The topological spaces so generated may be multiply connected (as contrasted with simply connected). The relationship to Noyes' bit-string physics is explained. Subsequently McGoveran developed a combinatorial and phenomenological argument for computing the fine structure constant from the combinatorial hierarchy, accurate to four decimal places. While suggestive, the argument was not considered convincing.