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kAlalandigE gejjE, neelada bAvuli; neelavarNane nATyavanADuta bArO.
Gejje Pooje () is a 1969 Indian Kannada language film directed by Puttanna Kanagal and produced by Rashi Brothers. The film stars Kalpana, Gangadhar and Leelavathi in lead roles. "Gejje" means anklet and "pooje" means worship but in this context of the film, it means a mock marriage. The film is based on the novel "Gejje Pooje" by M. K. Indira. The film was remade in Tamil as "Thaaliya Salangaiya", in Telugu as "Kalyana Mandapam" and in Hindi as "Ahista Ahista".
The feet are adorned with Gejje (silver anklet). Oddiyaana, the gold waist belt adorns the waist.
This movie is a remake of the national award-winning Kannada film "Gejje Pooje" directed by Puttanna Kanagal in 1969.
Some of Bhaskar's most popular soundtracks include "Rani Honnamma", "Santha Thukaram", "Gejje Pooje", "Mana Mechida Madadi", "Belli Moda", "Naandi", "Sharapanjara", "Naagarahaavu", "Shubhamangala", "Neela" and "Malaya Marutha".
Indira's first published novel was "Tungabhadra" which was released in 1963. This was followed by other novels like "Sadananda" (1965), "Gejje Pooje" (1966) and "Navaratna" (1967).Gejje Pooje was made into a film by director Puttanna Kanagal in 1969. Her most well-known work is however "Phaniyamma" which was released in 1976. "Phaniyamma" is a novel based on the life of a child widow. It is a real-life story of a widow whom Indira knew during her childhood. Indira heard the story when the widow narrated it to Indira's mother. This novel has been a subject matter of discussion in many books related to feminism. Phaniyamma was made into a film by the director, Prema Karanth and this film went on to win many international awards. Indira's other novels to be made into films are "Gejje Pooje" and "Poorvapara". Indira has written about forty novels.
Neck jewellery is a world apart and the variety is endless. The traditional Gejje adigai has almost become an extinct due to the complexity in workmanship needed to make the necklace. Gejje Adigai is a thick herringbone band of necklace on which round bells are fixed at the bottom. The necklace of mangoes, the Kukkumudi Sara, consists of either stone-studded or the gold mangoes strung together. Pavan sara or Misri Male, the gold coin chain, consists of coins or tokens with religious figures held together or hung on the gold chain. Other jewellery includes Sarapali, the chain, Kanti, the necklace made of pearls or Coral. Chakra saras are the chains that consisted
Prema Yuddham (English: Love War) is a 1990 Telugu romantic love film produced by P.Vijaya Kumari on Anupama Arts banner, directed by S. V. Rajendra Singh Babu. Starring Akkineni Nagarjuna, Amala Akkineni in the lead roles and music is composed by Hamsalekha. The film was simultaneously shot in Kannada as "Bannada Gejje" with V. Ravichandran. The film recorded as "Average" at box-office.
Puttana Kanagal 's directorial works include "Belli Moda, Gejje Pooje, Saakshathkaara, Sharapanjara, Naagarahaavu, Upasane "and "Ranganayaki". He made female centric movies which did not have the usual fight scenes and dance. He introduced many actors including Kalpana, Aarathi, Vishnuvardhan, Ambarish, Srinath, Ramakrishna and Ashok. Leelavathi, Jayanthi, B.Sarojadevi, Bharathi, and Kalpana were some of the prominent actress during this period.
Bannada Gejje () is a 1990 Indian Kannada language film written and directed by Rajendra Singh Babu starring Ravichandran and Amala. The music is scored by Hamsalekha. The supporting cast features Bharathi Vishnuvardhan, Kalyan Kumar, Suresh Heblikar, Amjad Khan and Devaraj. The film was simultaneously shot in Telugu as "Prema Yuddham".
Associating with his brother, S. Ramanathan and forming a home production named "Rashi Brothers", Shivaram co-produced many of the blockbuster and critically acclaimed movies such as "Gejje Pooje" (1970), "Upasane" (1974), "Nanobba Kalla" (1979), "Driver Hanumanthu" (1980) and "Bahala Chennagide" (2001).
After her first short role in the film "Gejje Pooje" (1969), Aarathi went on to star as a leading actress in many successful films such as "Naagarahaavu", "Edakallu Guddada Mele", "Bili Hendthi", "Dharmasere", "Paduvaaralli Pandavaru", "Ranganayaki", "Hombisilu", "Upaasane" and "Shubhamangala". Apart from Kannada, she also appeared in Tamil films such as "Gumasthavin Magal" and Telugu films such as "Vooriki Upakari".
Gejje Naada () is a 1993 Indian Kannada romantic drama film directed by Vijay - Nanjundappa. The film cast includes Ramkumar, Shwetha and K. S. Ashwath in the lead roles. The film was produced under Gajamukha Creations banner and the original score and soundtrack were composed by V. Manohar.
Puttanna Kanagal who was assisting BR Pantulu, with Bellimoda became independent Director. VB was the music director for "Belli Moda". Film became an instant success and cemented their association. After "Belli Moda", there was "Gejje Pooje", and later "Naagarahaavu". He worked with Kanagal continuously till the '80s and then there was a break when M Ranga Rao took over for films like "Ranganayaki". Bhaskar came back for "Maanasa Sarovara".
Gangadhar studied Diploma in Mechanical and HAL. In HAL, he staged plays like Samsare Nauke, Echamanayaka and Vijayotsava. He met G.V.Iyer and was selected for ‘Chowkada Deepa’ of Sharada Films in 1969. He shot to fame with "Gejje Pooje" directed by Puttanna Kanagal. His other notable films were "Sharapanjara", "Nanna Tamma", "Bhale Adrushtavo Adrushta" and "Aliya Geleya". He won several awards including the Rajyotsva Award.
It was revealed in July 2013 that Pooja Gandhi would produce and essay the lead role in the film, while Makarand Deshpande, who had appeared in a few Kannada films earlier, was confirmed with a part in the film. Srinagar Kitty's cameo role in the film was confirmed in April 2014. Talking about her preparations for the film, Gandhi said she watched Kalpana's films like "Eradu Kanasu", "Belli Moda", "Gejje Pooje", "Kappu Bilupu" and "Sharapanjara", to get her mannerisms and body language right.
Ahista Ahista (, , translation: Slowly Slowly) is a Bollywood film released in October, 1981. The film stars Kunal Kapoor, Padmini Kolhapure, Shashikala, Shammi Kapoor, Ashalata Wabgaonkar and Nanda. Beautiful lyrics and earpleasing music were the highlights of this film. 'Kabhi kisi ko muqammal jahan nahin milta' (twice), 'mana teri nazar mein', 'bin bulaye hum chale aaye' and 'nazar se phool chunati hai nazar' were welcomed by the music lovers.This film is remake of famous Kannada film "Gejje Pooje".
Manohar has composed music for over 100 Kannada movies such as "Gejje Naada", "O Mallige", "Indra Danush", "Janumada Jodi", "Tharle Nan Maga", "Swasthick", "Duniya", "Ee Sambhaashane", "Banda nan Ganda", "Janumada Gelathi", and "Mathadana". His song "Kolu Mande" from the movie Janumada Jodi is considered to be one of the most successful Kannada songs of the 90s. The song "Kariya I Love you" from the movie "Duniya" is one of his biggest hits.
Appadanda T. Raghu is an actor and director, who has worked in the Kannada, Hindi, Kodava Takk and Malayalam film industries. He was born in Kodagu into the Kodava (Coorg) community. He made an Hindi film Meri Adalat in 1984 starring Rajnikanth. The following year he made a Malayalam movie Kattu Rani (see Malayalam films of 1985). In 1990 he made a Kannada movie Ajay-Vijay (see Kannada films of 1990) starring Murali & Raghu . In more recent years he made serials like Ainemane and Gejje-thandu in the Kodava language.
Vijaya Narasimha first wrote the song "Ee Dehadinda Dooranaade" for the 1956 film "Ohileshwara". He was part of the magic trio of director S. R. Puttanna Kanagal and music director Vijaya Bhaskar, which came up with matchless songs. be it bharata bhushira mandira sundari (upasane), panchama veda premada nada (Gejje Pooje), sandesha megha sandesha (sharapanjara) or preethine aa dyavru tanda aasthi namma baalvege (doorada betta) his words stuck to the mind as much for the cadence as for their meaning. who can forget the enchanting viraha! of yedakallu guddadamele picturised on actress Jayanthi.