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vleet              itallie              vugt              haaften              straaten              grieken              arnam              alstine              roekel              zanten              doorninck              rompaey              deerlin              cleemput              dijck              goethem              marrewijk              diepen              graan              manen              hooff              tulleken              beurden              ooteghem              lancker              laarhoven              bueren              nierop              tieghem              rheenen              ravenswaay              straalen              oostrom              wijmen              bebber              iersel              steenwyk              gerven              wyngarden              tamelen              oostrum              laerhoven              duyn              deurzen              citters              nieuwenhoven              vooren              gennip              klaveren              lierop             

Examples of "gelderen"
Van Gelderen is a Dutch toponymic surname meaning "from Guelders" or "from Geldern". It may refer to:
Considerable difficulties exist in the nomenclature for "H. serrata" and closely associated hydrangeas. It is treated here as an individual species in accordance with van Gelderen and van Gelderen. Many botanists, however, view it as no more than a subspecies of "H. macrophylla".
Born in Amstelveen, Van Gelderen has played club football in the Netherlands and Finland for Haarlem, Argon, Willem II and JJK. Van Gelderen scored on his debut for JJK in May 2012, and he appeared in the qualifying rounds of the 2012 Europa League for them. He joined KTP for the 2015 season.
Bos H, Gartrell N, van Gelderen L. (2013) Adolescents in Lesbian Families: DSM-Oriented Scale Scores and Stigmatization. Journal of Gay & Lesbian Social Services, 25:2, 121-140.
The new party maintained an entrist faction in the Labour Party. This faction was led by Charlie van Gelderen and maintained publication of "The Militant" as its organ.
Bos H, Goldberg N, van Gelderen L, Gartrell N. (2012) Male Role Models, Gender Role Traits, and Psychological Adjustment. Gender & Society. DOI: 10.1177/0891243212445465.
Van Gelderen L, Gartrell N, Bos H, et al. (2009) Stigmatization and resilience in adolescent children of lesbian mothers. Journal of GLBT Family Studies. 5(3):268-279.
Jordi van Gelderen (born 26 April 1990) is a Dutch professional footballer who plays for Finnish club KTP as a defender.
Two Dutch economists, Jacob van Gelderen and Salomon de Wolff, had previously argued for the existence of 50- to 60-year cycles in 1913 and 1924, respectively.
Integration in Maassluis ended during the Second World War. The Coltof and Van Gelderen families were deported in 1942 and murdered in Auschwitz.
Illustrators whose work was published in "Our Boys" included W. C. Mills, Gordon Brewster, George Altendorf, Gerrit van Gelderen, George Monks and M. J. O'Mullane.
Jacob van Gelderen (March 10, 1891, Amsterdam – May 14, 1940, The Hague) was a Dutch economist. Alongside Salomon de Wolff, he proposed the existence of 50- to 60-year long economic super cycles, now known as Kondratiev waves.
Gartrell, N., Bos, H., Goldberg, N., Deck, A., van Rijn-van Gelderen. (2014). Satisfaction with known, open-identity, or unknown sperm donors: reports from lesbian mothers of 17-year-old adolescents. Fertility and Sterility.
Van Gelderen and De Fouw were among a group of Dutch artists who moved to Ireland in the 1950s, including Guus Melai, Bert van Embden, Willem van Velzen, Piet Sluis and Cor Klaasen (Text books covers).
Gerrit died 28 February 1994 at his home in Sandyford following a lung operation. He was survived by his wife Lies van Gelderen and four children Merlin, Aoife, Finn and Oisin.
Bos, H., van Gelderen, L., Gartrell, N. (2014) Lesbian and Heterosexual Two-Parent Families: Adolescent–Parent Relationship Quality and Adolescent Well-Being. Journal of Child and Family Studies. DOI: 10.1007/s10826-014-9913-8.
Van Gelderen, L., Gartrell, N., Bos, H.M.W., Hermanns, J. (2013). Stigmatization and Promotive Factors in Relation to Psychological Health and Life Satisfaction of Adolescents in Planned Lesbian Families. Journal of Family Issues, 34, 809-827. doi: 10.1177/0192513X12447269
van Gelderen, L, Bos H, Gartrell N, et al. (2012) Quality of Life of Adolescents Raised from Birth by Lesbian Mothers. Journal of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics. 33(1):1-7.
Van Gelderen was born 26 August 1926 in Rotterdam and was educated at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague. He moved to Dublin, Ireland, in 1955 to work in advertising. Some of his illustrations featured in the "Farmers Journal".
van Rijn-van Gelderen, L., Bos, H.M.W., & Gartrell, N. (2015) Dutch adolescents from lesbian-parent families: How do they compare to peers with heterosexual parents and what is the impact of homophobic stigmatization?, Journal of Adolescence, 40, 65-73.