Synonyms for gelochelidon_nilotica or Related words with gelochelidon_nilotica

sterna_acuticauda              minutus_gull_billed_tern              whiskered_tern_chlidonias_hybrida              tern_sterna_hirundo_arctic              tern_chlidonias_hybrida              white_cheeked_tern              chlidonias_hybrida              aythya_fuligula              thalasseus_bengalensis              albifrons_bridled_tern_onychoprion              sterna_repressa_little              xema_sabini              sterna_hirundo              nilotica_caspian_tern_hydroprogne              larosterna_inca              sandwich_tern_thalasseus_sandvicensis              xenus_cinereus              aegyptiacus_ruddy_shelduck_tadorna              roseate_tern_sterna_dougallii              pygmeus              tern_sterna_paradisaea              maximus_roseate_tern_sterna              sterna_sumatrana_common              caspian_tern_hydroprogne_caspia              family_panuridae_bearded_reedling              lesser_noddy_anous              tern_hydroprogne_caspia_sandwich              black_bellied_tern              tern_sternula_albifrons_saunders              common_tern_sterna              albifrons_whiskered_tern_chlidonias              tern_sterna_hirundo              shoveler_anas_clypeata_marbled              motacilla_alba              elseyornis_melanops              dougallii              platalea_leucorodia              polyboroides_typus              panurus_biarmicus              fulica_atra              hottentot_teal              little_tern_sternula              erythrophthalma              acrocephalus_orientalis              tern_hydroprogne_caspia_lesser              tern_sternula_saundersi_bridled              sooty_tern_onychoprion_fuscatus              sabine_gull_xema_sabini              order_passeriformes_family_acrocephalidae              striated_grassbird_megalurus_palustris             

Examples of "gelochelidon_nilotica"
The gull-billed tern ("Gelochelidon nilotica"), formerly "Sterna nilotica", is a seabird of the tern family, Sternidae. It is now considered to be in its own genus. The genus name is from Ancient Greek "gelao", "to laugh", and "khelidon", "swallow". The specific " niloticus" is from Latin and means of the Nile.
It is one of the most important breeding sites in Western Australia for "Gelochelidon nilotica" (Gull-billed Tern) and "Chlidonias hybridus" (Whiskered Tern). It is also an important refuge for other waterbirds, the nearest adjacent wetland, Wooleen Lake, being nearly away.
Passage migrants include "Nycticorax nycticorax", "Ardeola ralloides", "Ardea purpurea", "Plegadis falcinellus", "Pandion haliaetus", "Falco vespertinus", "Milvus migrans", "Circus pygargus", "Hieraaetus pennatus", "Himantopus himantopus", "Glareola pratincola", "Calidris temminckii", "Tringa stagnatilis", "Larus audouinii", "Gelochelidon nilotica", "Chlidonias leucopterus", "Chlidonias hybridus", "Coracias garrulus", "Anthus cervinus", "Plegadis falcinellus", "Oenanthe isabellina" and "Oenanthe pleschanka".
Bawean hosts other rare mammals, such as crab-eating macaque ("Macaca fascicularis"), Sunda porcupine ("Hystrix javanica"), small Indian civet ("Viverricula indica"), Asian palm civet ("Paradoxurus hermaphroditus"). Most common birds are black-crowned night heron ("Nycticorax nycticorax"), purple heron ("Ardea purpurea"), great frigatebird ("Fregata minor") and gull-billed tern ("Gelochelidon nilotica"). Reptiles are represented by different kinds of lizards ("Varanus" sp .), reticulated python ("python reticulatus") and saltwater crocodile ("Crocodylus porosus") which sometimes (rarely) swims to the island.
Along with the regions in north such as the Cintra Bay and Dakhla Peninsula, the area is one of the most important wintering grounds for Eurasian spoonbill ("Platalea leucorodia leucorodia"). Breeding birds include white pelican ("Pelecanus onocrotalus"), reed cormorant ("Phalacrocorax africanus"), gull-billed tern ("Gelochelidon nilotica"), Caspian tern ("Hydroprogne caspia"), royal tern ("Sterna maxima") and common tern ("Sterna hirundo"), together with several species or subspecies with an African distribution, such as heron ("Ardea cinerea monicae") and Eurasian spoonbill ("Platalea leucorodia balsaci") and western reef heron ("Egretta gularis") (IUCN, 1987).