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Examples of "geninho"
Genivaldo Francisco dos Santos or Geninho (born February 11, 1980) is a Brazilian footballer who last played for Jiangsu Sainty.
Geninho joined Jiangsu Sainty with an undisclosed fee in July 2009. He did well in season 2009 and the club extended his contract for one years.
Eugênio Machado Souto, usually known as Geninho (born May 15, 1948 in Ribeirão Preto), is a Brazilian football manager and former goalkeeper.
Atlético-PR: Flávio; Rogério Corrêa, Nem and Gustavo; Alessandro, Cocito, Adriano, Kléberson and Fabiano (Igor); Ilan (Souza) and Alex Mineiro. Head coach: Geninho.
Geninho used to play for several football clubs in Brazil such as CSA, Internacional, Criciúma, Sport, Ceilândia, Coruripe, CRB and Novo Hamburgo.
Atlético-PR: Flávio; Nem, Gustavo and Rogério Corrêa (Igor); Alessandro, Cocito (Pires), Adriano, Kléberson and Fabiano; Kléber (Souza) and Alex Mineiro. Head coach: Geninho.
On 31 January 2014 Baptista was appointed interim manager, replacing fired Geninho. On 14 February he was definitely appointed as manager, and led the side to both Campeonato Pernambucano and Copa do Nordeste winning campaigns.
The team then turned sights on Geninho, and confirmed the former Brazilian champion as their new manager. The team mounted a good campaign in the Copa do Brasil, but fell through at the Round of 16 after a 2–0 defeat to Bahia.
After rejecting a loan deal to Marcílio Dias, Marrone was made a starter by manager Geninho in 2014, being successfully converted to a left back. He scored his first professional goal on 10 September 2014, netting the third in a 4–1 away win against Bragantino.
Since 2009 he coached the Ituano in when ran the Série D and the Campeonato Paulista. learner categories of junior in Sport, has assumed interim team principal with the resignations of Geninho and PC Gusmão. assuming definitely the job for the last five games in the Série B, where led the team back to the first division 2012. remained in the club during the Campeonato Pernambucano, where were victorious vice-champion.
Ademar would return to Brazil where he continued to be an assistant before joining Brazilian Série A side Corinthians as an assistant coach in 2005. On March 14, 2006 he became their care-taker coach where he replaced Antônio Lopes before he was appointed as manager. By May 10, 2006 he was replaced by Geninho and Ademar soon returned to assistant coaching with Mirassol Futebol Clube.