Synonyms for georgalis or Related words with georgalis

efthimios              lambrou              vaios              romanidis              periklis              dimitriadis              vasileios              karakostas              aggelakis              labros              koulis              makridis              dintsikos              panteliadis              dimotsios              mavroeidis              diakoulas              kafkis              paraschos              charalampos              rammos              fanis              maslarinos              kastrinakis              patavoukas              katsafados              galakteros              kokolakis              gagaloudis              vasilopoulos              kalitzakis              stavrakopoulos              vassilios              kasapis              gerakarakis              antreas              fotios              michailidis              kokorogiannis              chatzopoulos              andreou              karatzoulidis              stathelakos              koroneos              kompodietas              mageiras              zouros              rodopoulos              liadelis              charisis             

Examples of "georgalis"
The child of a poor immigrant family from the Greek islands of Rhodes and Nisyros, Nick took up boxing in his early years, after his father, George Georgalis, who had also been a boxer in his youth. He was persuaded to give up boxing by his mother, Stella Georgalis, who was terrified each time that her son would return home with a new facial injury. As a result, he started playing basketball and attended Union Hill High School in Union City, New Jersey.
Ioannis Georgallis (alternate spellings: Giannis, Georgalis) (born May 17, 1983) is a Greek professional basketball player. He is 2.00 m (6 ft 6 ¾ in) tall and he weighs 104 kg (230 lbs). He plays at the shooting guard and small forward positions. He is currently playing with the pro club Kolossos Rodou.
Nikolaos Georgalis (), commonly known as either Nikos Galis (), or Nick Galis (born July 23, 1957), is a retired Greek-American professional basketball player. He was named one of FIBA's 50 Greatest Players in 1991, is an inaugural member of the FIBA Hall of Fame and was chosen as one of the 50 Greatest EuroLeague Contributors on February 3, 2008.
On February 16, at the theater Veaki, Kostas made his acting debut in the musical Rent. here plays the decadent rock star Roger Davis and comes to us on stage telling the story of a group of marginalized young people, trying to survive in New York of the 90s, who suffer poverty, love, passion, rejection and loss. The musical was directed by Themidos Marcelou and counted with the participation of the actors Ada Livitsanou, Antigone Psychrami, Aris Plaskasovitis, Vasilis Axiotis, Christos Georgalis, Themis Marsellou, Stergios Ntaousanakis, Indra Kein, Andreas, and Maria Vasilatou Kapatais. E agora vai fazer um filme sendo Alagan Dhiren Rajaran.