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monethe              ruderstaller              gaufredus              abfalter              capellus              hamburgi              notisque              leptadapis              ossinger              apocalypseos              seminula              cisterciensis              epithoma              plusiophaes              rhodii              disciplinae              geologicae              cavallera              desideratus              pererius              munimenta              varrones              cingulella              placinolopha              neothyris              thericium              catalogi              satyrae              melici              prussicus              pseudacontia              toulgoetia              kaudern              reclusus              aphorismorum              hebraeos              ratisbonam              budaeus              celeberrimi              dicata              listenius              gherdeal              keteltas              isnart              lokes              animalum              monfasani              manuscripti              praelectionibus              molimard             

Examples of "gerbelius"
Oecolampadius and Gerbelius, Erasmus' subeditors, insisted that he introduce more readings from the minuscule 1 in the third edition. But according to Erasmus the text of this codex was altered from the Latin manuscripts, and had a secondary value.
The manuscript was presented to the monastery of the Preaching Friars by Cardinal Ragusio (1380–1443), general of the Dominicans. It was used by Desiderius Erasmus in the first edition of his "Novum Testamentum" (1516); as a result, some of its readings are found in the "Textus Receptus". Erasmus used this codex very little, because its text was different from other manuscripts with which he was acquainted. Oecolampadius and Gerbelius (Erasmus's sub-editors) insisted that he use more readings from this codex in his third edition; however, according to Erasmus the text of this codex was altered from the Latin manuscripts and had secondary value. Since 1559, it has been kept at the University of Basel, along with Codex Basilensis and minuscule 2 (GA).
For a long time, especially after the Battle of Mohács, he busied himself with the Turkish question and printed both political and historical writings on the subject, the most important of which is his ""De Turcarum origine, religione et tyrannide"". His best work is ""Austria, sive Commentarius de rebus Austriæ"", edited by Kaspar Brusch in 1553 with critical notes. A kind of diary (1502–27), which throws much light on his political activity, was published in ""Fontes rerum austriacarum"" (1885), I, 1ff. A life of Cuspinian, not always reliable, is found in the complete edition of his works by Gerbelius (Commentationes Cusp., Strasburg, 1540); a more complete edition of his works appeared at Frankfurt am Main in 1601.