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Examples of "germanou"
Below are select shows Germanou has been a part of:
Music and lyrics are by Nikos Karvelas and Natalia Germanou (4, 5, 10).
Music and lyrics are by Nikos Karvelas, Apostolos Diavolikis, and Natalia Germanou.
Natalia Germanou married singer Petros Imvrios in October 1998. In 2002 they divorced.
Germanou was born in Athens, with origins from Mytilene. Her father is the late Freddy Germanos, a popular journalist and author, and her mother Erietta Mavroudi. For 12 years, Germanou attended the "Mina Aidonopoulou" school, where she got good grades and was good in Math. At the age of 16, Germanou announced to her family that she would like to become an actress, to which her Father suggested journalism instead.
This list features the production discography of Natalia Germanou. She wrote the lyrics for the following songs.
Germanou has also appeared in several guest star rolls on various TV shows over the years. Germanou appeared on 2 episodes of "Hai-Rok", which her close friend Eleni Mavili was a writer on, as well as on the shows "Oi Stavloi Tis Eriettas Zaimi", "To Kokkino Domatio" and "Kinoumeni Ammos". Germanou also appeared on an episode of Anna Vissi's short lived variety show "Me Agapi Anna" on Ant1 Channel in the mid 1990s, where she sang along with Vissi.
Music and lyrics are by Nikos Karvelas, Natalia Germanou (Track 14 - lyrics) and Apostolos Diavolikis (Track 07 - lyrics)
Music and Lyrics are by Nikos Karvelas on all of the tracks except lyrics on track 4 (Natalia Germanou).
In October 1988, at age 19, Germanou started hosting a radio show along with Prokopis Doukas titled "Club Sandwich" on "SKY 100,4". A year later in 1990, Germanou started working with Ant1 Channel and moved her radio show to their radio stations, and started a spin-off musical show of the same name on the channel. At the same time, in 1990, Germanou branched out to writing lyrics, and has since written lyrics for many big Greek singers, with more than 250 songs, and more than 30 platinum and 45 gold records.
Renowned songwriters of modern laïká include Alekos Chrysovergis, Nikos Karvelas, Phoebus, Nikos Terzis and Christos Dantis. Renowned lyricists include Giorgos Theofanous, Evi Droutsa and Natalia Germanou.
For the next 4 years, Germanou continued hosting, and realized that she had fallen in love with it. "Club Sandwich" later became "Blue Jean", and was broadcast daily on the radio station "Athina 9.84", where she also became a radio producer. At the same time, Germanou started hosting the music show "Mega Star" on Mega Channel, which she continued to host for 10 years. A couple of years later in 1997, Germanou became the programing director and radio producer at the radio station "Sfera 102.2", where she still hosts a radio show today.
Natalia Germanou (; born in Athens, Greece in June 22, 1965) is a Greek lyricist, television hostess, radio producer, DJ and journalist.
A few years later, Germanou finished a professional journalism school in Athens, and was soon accepted to the Orlando University of Florida where she planned to live for the next 5 years, perfecting her study in journalism. About a month and a half before her planned departure to college, Germanou got a job offer to work at the magazine "Ena" owned by Giorgos Koskotas, and managed by Pavlos Bakogiannis. Germanou, with the guidance of her father, accepted, and stayed in Athens, where for the next 4 years, got experience working for the magazines "Ena" and "Kai" and the newspaper "24 Ores".
† "Tha Erthi I Stigmi", written by Natalia Germanou, is a Greek version of the song "Taste the Tears", originally released by Jason Raize and composed by Diane Warren
†† "Pou Tha Pas", written by Natalia Germanou, is a Greek version of the song "World of Make Believe", released by 3rd Faze and composed by Desmond Child
Ιn March 17, 2017 premiered the fifth season with the title Star Academy of Greece on E Channel. The Judges was Anna Vissi, Nikos Karvelas, Petros Kostopoulos and Natalia Germanou with the host Menios Fourthiotis.
Rouvas' eighth album, "Ola Kala" (a collaboration with Desmond Child, Phoebus and Greek songwriters Natalia Germanou and Vangelis Konstantinidis), was released in June 2002. The album went gold in Greece within 11 days and platinum within 4 months.
Star Academy is a Greek reality TV show. The series began in March 17, 2017 on the E Channel network. The Judges are Anna Vissi, Nikos Karvelas, Petros Kostopoulos and Natalia Germanou. The host is Menios Fourthiotis.
In 2002, Germanou hosted the first season of Fame Story, and was later a judge on music related reality shows such as "Dream Show" 1 and 2, "Fame Story 3" and "Sound Mix Show". In 2005, Germanou co-wrote the lyrics to the song "My Number One", which won the Eurovision Song Contest 2005". In 2007-2008, she was a judge on the music reality show "TV Stars Parousiaste" on Alpha TV alongside Ilias Psinakis, while she hosted the show "Randevou sta tifla" every Saturday night on Alpha Channel in the same year.