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Examples of "gern_blandsten"
Gern Blandsten Records is an independent record label based in Paramus, New Jersey.
Sunspot 5: 1.6 Band 7" ep "Your Restaurant" (1000 pressed) subsequently re-pressed on Gern Blandsten Records
In 2006, they released their second and final album, "A Real Good One", on the Gern Blandsten Records label.
Sultans of Sentiment is the second full-length album by indie rock band The Van Pelt. It was released in 1997 on Gern Blandsten Records.
The label's acts have included The World/Inferno Friendship Society, Canyon, Chisel, the Van Pelt, Radio 4, The Flesh, Weston and Rye Coalition. Gern Blandsten also released the debut albums by Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, Liars and Dälek.
Autopsy is a compilation album released in 1995 by American metalcore band Rorschach on the band's own Gern Blandsten Records. The album consists of the band's entire recorded history.
Rye Coalition has released most of their albums on the Tiger Style or Gern Blandsten Records labels. The band's most recent album, "Curses", was produced by Dave Grohl. The album name refers to the band's 2003 deal to sign with the ill-fated Dreamworks Records. After Dreamworks Records was sold to Universal/Vivendi, the band ended up "jumping from one sinking ship to another", eventually ending up at Interscope Records. Interscope paid to record "Curses", but the Rye Coalition was dissatisfied with the label. By mid-2004, Rye Coalition had managed to sever ties with the label and keep the rights to "Curses", which they released on Gern Blandsten.
Rye (by now adding "Coalition" to their name - or sometimes "Rye and the Coalition") continued on during downtime from their educations, now acting as a quartet. They wrote and recorded their first full-length LP, entitled "Hee Saw Dhuh Kaet," in 1997. The band chose to again work with Alap Momin, and the album was released by Gern Blandsten Records.
Still fresh out of high school, the members of Rye struggled with the desire to pursue the band full-time as well as further their educations. Wiley parted ways with the band in 1996, following the release of the "New Sherriff In Town" 7" (the band's first for New Jersey's Gern Blandsten label), in order to attend school out-of-state. The 7" also marked their first time working with engineer Alap Momin of Dälek.
The band was formed in 1999 as a trio, comprising Anthony Roman (vocals/bass), Tommy Williams (guitar/vocals) and Greg Collins (drums). The three had been friends growing up in Long Island, where they had been involved in the hardcore scene, appearing in bands such as Garden Variety (Roman) and Sleepasaurus. They initially formed the band under the influence of late 1970s/early 1980s punk and post-punk, recording a three-track EP which was released on New Jersey's Gern Blandsten label.
They Threw Us All in a Trench and Stuck a Monument on Top is the first album by dance-punk band Liars. The album was first released in October 2001 by Gern Blandsten Records and later re-released in 2002 by English label Blast First. It displays the band in its original line-up with singer Angus Andrew, guitarist Aaron Hemphill, bassist Pat Noecker (currently in These Are Powers), and drummer Ron Albertson.
Beautiful Skin consisted of guitarist Nick Forte and Brazilian keyboardist Ross Totino. Totino had played with many bands in Brazil in the 1980s, playing covers of bands like Wire and The Cure at talent shows and parties, while Forte had been a member of seminal U.S. hardcore band Rorschach. The two met while working at an electronics factory in New York; Forte was at the time playing in the band Computer Cougar, who released a single and a posthumous LP on the label Gern Blandsten.
Just the Best Party is the second studio album by The World/Inferno Friendship Society. It was released on April 2, 2002 on Gern Blandsten Records. It is referred to by the band as 'Inferno #8', as it is the eighth release of new material by the band. The first six songs on the album originally appeared on the "International Smashism!" EP and two other songs, "I Wouldn't Want to Live in a World Without Grudges" and "All the World Is a Stage (Dive)", are re-recorded versions of songs that originally appeared on the "I Wouldn't Want to Live in a World Without Grudges" single.
Native Nod was a groundbreaking emotive hardcore band formed in the early '90s based in the New York / New Jersey area where the group would often play shows. The band is often credited with giving rise to the emo scene, and at very young ages (high school). In their short lifetime as a band they only released 9 songs, divided amongst the 3 seven inch EPs "Bread", "Answers", and "Lower GI Bleed". These 9 songs can be found on the Gern Blandsten Records discography "Today Puberty, Tomorrow The World".
Rye Coalition then began another label search in an attempt to find a home for the record. They eventually decided to return to their roots and release the album with New Jersey's Gern Blandsten Records. A pre-release EP entitled "Chariots On Fire" was released as an iTunes exclusive in 2006, featuring three tracks from the upcoming album and one exclusive song, "Gone With The Windshield." By the time "Curses" was ready for release, it had expanded to also include a bonus DVD of the band's trials and tribulations while making the album.
By the time the record was released, fellow Boys Life member Joe Winkle had arrived in D.C., prompting a lineup shift that saw the departure of Wall and Novara, along with the addition of keyboardist Derry deBorja, bassist Evan Berodt, and drummer Dave Bryson. The self-titled album was picked up and re-released by Gern Blandsten Records, who also released their second full-length, "Empty Rooms," in 2002. Further touring ensued, including an opening slot for former Uncle Tupelo/Son Volt member Jay Farrar, and the recording of a live album for DCN Records.
The Lapse was an American indie band formed in late 1997. The band was first signed to Gern Blandsten, then Southern Records. A larger deal with Matador Records fell through in 2001. The Lapse was the duo of then boyfriend/girlfriend Chris Leo (ex-Native nod and brother of Ted Leo) and Toko Yasuda (Enon, ex-Blonde Redhead). They formed The Lapse after the breakup of their previous band, The Van Pelt. The Lapse had Leo on guitar and Yasuda on bass with both handling vocals. The band welcomed a long list of guest musicians over the years, including Don Devore (bass), Justin DuClos (drums), and Garry Keating (bass).
The band subsequently became a five-piece, comprising Roman, Collins, David Milone (Vocals/Guitar) (who replaced original guitarist/singer Tommy Williams in 2005), Gerard Garone (Keyboards), and P.J. O'Connor (Percussion), and teamed up with James Murphy and Tim Goldsworthy's DFA Productions to produce their second album. This collaboration signalled a new direction for the band, merging the guitar punk of their first album with electronic and dance music influences to create a dance-punk sound similar to other DFA-affiliated artists such as The Rapture. "Gotham!" was released in 2002 on Gern Blandsten, described as "half dance party, half political rally", leading the band to mainstream recognition and international success.
Following the lineup change, the band recorded and released a handful of split 7"s with area bands and signed with Gern Blandsten Records for their first LP release in 1994. Entitled "A Real Life Story of Teenage Rebellion", the record showed the band's shift to a decidedly more pop-punk sound with lyrics that matched the theme hinted at in the title. Two tracks from the "Thursdaytown 1981" EP reappeared on the album, much tighter and polished. Weston and Saltern shared almost equal time as lead vocalist, and the vocal harmonies greatly increased, becoming one of the band's strongest qualities. Following the release of the album, guitarist Chris Benner quit the group to form his own band, Digger, and Weston took over his spot on guitar rather than find a replacement. The band released a single of new material and a collection of vinyl-only tracks entitled "Splitsville" before parting with Gern and heading to Go Kart Records.
Indie/post-punk revival band Pilot to Gunner came together in New York City around 1998. Led by the vocals and guitar of Scott V. Padden, Pilot to Gunner also includes guitarist Patrick Hegarty, bassist Martin McLoughlin, and drummer Kurt L. Herrman. The boys debuted on wax in 1999 with the "Hit the Ground and Hum" EP for "Me Too!"; that led to the 2001 Gern Blandsten full-length "Games at High Speeds". A deal with the Arena Rock Recording Co., which reissued "Games at High Speeds" with an additional bonus track in early 2003. "Games at High Speeds" was also picked up by Rykodisc in Europe, and Building Records in Australia. "Get Saved" was recorded in 2003 with J. Robbins and released in 2004 by ARRCO in the US, Rykodisc in Europe, and Building Records in Australia.