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burladingen              hartmannsdorf              freystadt              alsbach              wilhelmsdorf              schrozberg              malchin              ottendorf              wasungen              bodenbach              wilkau              gomadingen              stadtlengsfeld              altenstadt              perleberg              volkach              neuenkirchen              hohenfelde              immenhausen              nabburg              breitenbrunn              herzogtum              brensbach              bretzfeld              hundsdorf              trochtelfingen              illingen              osterspai              neusorg              thedinghausen              wolfhagen              torgelow              osterwieck              beerfelden              gransee              neubrunn              wolfach              aichhalden              oldisleben              kreuzburg              winningen              hainichen              kemnath              lenningen              wendeburg              kaufungen              seehausen              loxstedt              gieboldehausen              bisingen             

Examples of "gersdorf"
Heinz Tetzner (8 March 1920 - 20 August 2007) was a German expressionist painter and printmaker. Tetzner was born in Gersdorf (Saxony). He died in Gersdorf 2007.
Karl Gottlieb Bretschneider (February 11, 1776 in Gersdorf, Saxony – January 22, 1848 in Gotha, Thuringia) was a German Protestant scholar and theologian from Gersdorf, Saxony. He is noted for, among other things, having planned and founded the monumental "Corpus Reformatorum".
Gersdorf is a municipality in the district of Zwickau in Saxony in Germany.
Nicrophorus pliozaenicus is an extinct genus of burying beetles described by Erasmus Gersdorf in 1969.
Ernst Moritz Ludwig Ettmüller (5 October 1802 – 15 April 1877), German philologist, was born at Gersdorf near Löbau, in Saxony.
Sigurd Gersdorf Jørgensen (15 February 1887 - 14 December 1929) was a Norwegian gymnast who competed in the 1912 Summer Olympics.
Gersdorf an der Feistritz is a municipality in the district of Weiz in the Austrian state of Styria.
Until the 17th century Gersdorf was divided into two villages: Obergersdorf (also: Gabel) and Niedergersdorf. They initially belonged to Dohna, but fell to the Margraves of Dresden. A manor was built in Gersdorf, and an artificial ruin was built around 1800.
Kirchheim’s "Ortsteile", besides the main centre, also called Kirchheim, are Allendorf, Frielingen, Gersdorf, Gershausen, Goßmannsrode, Heddersdorf, Kemmerode, Reckerode, Reimboldshausen, Rotterterode and Willingshain.
The boroughs of Gersdorf and Möhrsdorf were first mentioned in 1225 and 1264, respectively. They belong together since February 14, 1958.
Born in Alt-Gersdorf, Kingdom of Saxony, Hering studied at the University of Leipzig and became a professor at Charles University in Prague.
On January 1, 2001 the towns of Reichenbach, Reichenau, Gersdorf-Möhrsdorf und Bischheim-Häslich were incorporated into the municipality of Haselbachtal.
Oberrettenbach is a former municipality in the district of Weiz in the Austrian state of Styria. Since the 2015 Styria municipal structural reform, it is part of the municipality Gersdorf an der Feistritz.
The 23 localities which belong to the municipality are Achleiten, Aug, Dietzendorf, Esternberg, Gersdorf, Hütt, Kösslarn, Kiesling, Lanzendorf, Pfarrhof, Pyrawang, Reisdorf, Riedlbach, Ringlholz, Schörgeneck, Schacher, Silbering, Unteresternberg, Urschendorf, Weeg, Wetzendorf, Winterhof and Zeilberg
Older lists of bishops add a Bishop Berthold as the successor of Herwig, but there is no documentary evidence of him. Machatschek therefore follows Gersdorf in regarding Godebold as the immediate successor of Herwig.
Haselbachtal is a municipality in the district of Bautzen in the Free State of Saxony, Germany with a population of 4,648. It consists of the villages Bischheim, Häslich, Gersdorf, Möhrsdorf, Reichenau, and Reichenbach.
Princess Eleonore died on 5 May 1741 in the Palais Schwarzenberg in Vienna. Franz von Gersdorf, the emperor's physician, requested an autopsy from which the cause of death has been diagnosed as cervical cancer.
He bought Berthelsdorf from his grandmother, Baroness von Gersdorf and called Johann Andreas Rothe for pastor and John George Heiz for factor; he married Erdmuthe Dorothea, sister of Count Heinrich XXIX of Reuss-Ebersdorf, and began building on his home.
Three famous librarians worked at the institution: Joachim Feller (from 1675), Christian Gottlieb Jöcher (from 1742 to 1758), and Ernst Gotthelf Gersdorf (from 1833). Since 2005 Ulrich Johannes Schneider has been director of the library.
Gersdorf was born in Tautendorf, the son of a clergyman. In 1820 he began his studies in Theology and Philosophy. By 1826 he was working at the Saxon State Library in Dresden.