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Examples of "gesine"
The Treasure of Gesine Jacobsen (German: Der Schatz der Gesine Jakobsen) is a 1923 German silent drama film directed by Rudolf Walther-Fein and starring Marija Leiko, Paul Wegener and Reinhold Schünzel. It premiered in Berlin on 13 February 1923.
Gesine Becker (born Gesine Bolte: 16 April 1888 - 9 December 1968) was a left wing German activist and politician. During the 1920s she was a Communist member of the Bremen state parliament (""Bürgerschaft"").
Gesine Walther (born 6 October 1962) is a retired German sprinter.
Sophie IN’T VELD; Anneli JÄÄTTEENMÄKI; Gesine MEISSNER; Alexandra THEIN; Michael THEURER; Ivo VAJGL;
Gesine Lötzsch is married to Ronald Lötzsch, who in 2010 was revealed to have been an informer for the Stasi.
The president of the district council of Rügen, Gesine Skrepski, opened a new jetty for the Wittow Ferry in 1994.
In 2003 the Hessian TV station broadcast a documentary about the accident. According to that documentary, the owners of damaged cars got reimbursed fairly quickly after the accident. The parents of Gesine Wagner neither received any support from officials during the time Gesine was in hospital nor any condolences or compensation whatsoever after her death.
Gesine Bullock-Prado (born March 6, 1970) is an American pastry chef, author, attorney, and former film executive.
Gesine Bolte was born in Meinershausen (Osterholz), a suburb on the edge of the port city of Bremen.
The couple adopted two children: Gesine Margaret Orietta Mary Pogson Doria Pamphilj (born 1964), known as Gesine Doria, married Massimiliano Floridi, with whom she has four children: Anna, Elisa, Orietta and Irene. Jonathan Doria Pamphilj (born 1963) formed a civil partnership with Elson Edeno Braga, and has two children by surrogacy: Emily and Filippo Andrea VII.
Gesine becomes increasingly dedicated to her assignment and possibly even more sympathetic to her subject's cause. However soon after she promises viewers details of von Praunheim's affairs with prominent businessmen and high-ranking government, church and military officials. von Praunheim's diaries containing the evidence vanish and the series is axed due to dismal ratings. Gesine perseveres regardless, eventually discovering the truth. It turns out that nearly everybody had some reason to kill Rosa. Finally Gesine discovers Rosa at a boat where he is kept prisoner by some of his old enemies. She frees him, and the movie ends.
The incumbent Horst Köhler (supported by CDU/CSU and FDP) stood for reelection and faced Gesine Schwan (supported by SPD and Alliance '90/The Greens).
During the 81 days in hospital Gesine dictated letters to her family and friends, which her parents published as a book.
The university's former president, Professor Gesine Schwan, ran for President of Germany both in 2004 and 2009, being narrowly defeated by Horst Köhler twice.
All elections to date have been won by Gesine Lötzsch, the candidate of the Left Party or former PDS, with the SPD in second place.
In 2004 he married Gesine Schwan, the social–democrat candidate for the federal presidential elections in Germany in 2004 and 2009.
Klaus Busch, Axel Troost, Gesine Schwan, Frank Bsirske, Joachim Bischoff, Mechthild Schrooten, Harald Wolf: "A Europe built on solidarity is possible. Pamphlet for another European Union", November 2016
Kilimanjaro: How to spell Love is a 2001 Swiss romantic Comedy Movie, written by Jürgen Ladenburger, directed by Mike Eschmann, produced by Triluna Film (CH) Cast: Martin Rapold, Gesine Crukowski, Stefan Gubser, Inigo Gallo, Eliane Chappuis and more.
Gesine Meissner was born in 1952 in Uelzen, Lower Saxony, Germany. She studied nutritional science and home economics, German and English, communication and pedagogic in Munich (1971-1974) and Hanover (1976-1980).
Anja Schache, Lars Schache, Ute Schaeper, Gesine Schiel, Sven Schmid, Arnd Schmitt, Ulrich Schmitt, Martin Schmitt, Ulrich Schreck, Silke Schwarz, Erk Sens-Gorius, Etelka Sike, Waltraut Stollwerck, Daniel Strigel, Mariusz Strzalka.