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getdata              executequery              processrequest              deviceiocontrol              sendmessage              createfile              getmessage              writefile              getstatus              setstate              createprocess              getstate              queryinterface              getattribute              getproperty              getbuffer              getproperties              gethostbyname              cocreateinstance              getparameter              preparedstatement              hresult              readfile              getvalue              shellexecute              loadlibrary              getprocaddress              iunknown              createinstance              printf              getname              fwrite              ejbstore              getaddrinfo              newinstance              ejbremove              fread              preparestatement              sendmsg              httprequest              getlist              setattribute              createkey              sprintf              gettype              execve              winapi              setproperty              sendto              dlopen             

Examples of "getconnection"
This function provides a means of detecting the loss of a data resource attached to a JCA connection factory and automatically failing over to a defined alternate JNDI. Detection of primary data resource recovery and failback is also an element of this functional design. The resource failover design is present in WebSphere Application Server Version 8 across all platforms for JDBC and JCA. WAS z/OS Version 8 provides support for WOLA resource failover as part of the general support for JCA resource failover. Invocation of the failover occurs when a configurable threshold number of getConnection() failures occur. After failover is invoked, all new getConnection() requests are routed to the alternate connection factory connection pool. Failback occurs when WAS z/OS determines the failed primary data resource has returned. New getConnection() requests are processed against the primary connection factory.