Synonyms for getname or Related words with getname

gettype              getid              setname              methodname              getproperties              getproperty              getdescription              propertyname              getvalue              applicationname              lpctstr              methodspublic              getattributes              nsstring              xmlnode              typename              myclass              methodinfo              classname              dispid              getext              cstring              idictionary              getenumerator              getsize              tostring              getlocation              attrname              lpwstr              getstate              liststring              objectname              getdata              getsource              xmlelement              valuetype              getfirstname              newvalue              propertiespublic              functionname              getnamespace              ienumerator              myobject              getmethod              createinstance              arraylist              getrole              newname              returnvalue              localname             

Examples of "getname"
In the first example a user is free to use the public "name" variable however they see fit - in the second however the writer of the class retains control over how the private "name" variable is read and written by only permitting access to the field via its "getName" and "setName" methods.
Strength implies also its counterpart's weakness. The problem of the role class model is the redundancy, for example the method "getName" is visible in all of the role classes described in Figure 4. If this is considered inconvenient, the role class generalisation model as defined in Modelling Roles is a possible way to go.
XmlObject: The java classes that are generated from an XML Schema are all derived from XmlObject. These provide strongly typed getters and setters for each of the elements within the defined XML. Complex types are in turn XmlObjects. For example, getCustomer might return a CustomerType (which is an XmlObject). Simple types turn into simple getters and setters with the correct java type. For example, getName might return a String.