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hwan              myung              gyu              seok              cheol              byung              chul              hye              hyung              joon              wook              woong              hyuk              kyung              joong              jae              seung              kwang              taek              beom              hyun              seong              sook              joo              myeong              deok              gook              yeong              ryul              shik              yoochun              hyeok              hyeong              gyeong              seon              chae              kyu              suk              ryong              pyung              hee              ryeol              jeong              baek              keun              heon              yeol              heemoon              byeong              hyeon             

Examples of "geun"
Yu Geun-Hyeong (유근형 ; 柳根瀅) (April 5, 1894-January 20, 1993) was a Korean ceramist who specialised in celadon Goryeo ware. HIs name is also written "Yu Geun-Hyeong" or "Yu Kun-hyong" or "Yoo Geun-hyung".
After Kim Swoo Geun died in 1986, a victim of liver cancer at the age of 55, the Kim Swoo Geun Foundation (김수근문화재단) was established in his memory.
In 1992, Saki published a book about Japanese Resident-General of Korea Itō Hirobumi and Korean An Jung-geun, titled "Itō Hirobumi to An Jung-geun".
State visit, the President met with President Park Geun-hye.
People with the single-syllable given name Geun include:
- Park Geun-Hye (President of the Republic of Korea)
Soo-geun, also spelled Swoo-geun, is a Korean masculine given name. Its meaning differs based on the hanja used to write each syllable of the name. There are 34 hanja with the reading "soo" and 18 hanja with the reading "geun" on the South Korean government's official list of hanja which may be registered for use in given names.
Korean given names containing the element "geun" include:
The revelations about the relationship of Park Geun-hye and Choi Soon-sil have been resulting in mass demonstrations in Seoul, also known as the Emergency Citizen Action for the Park Geun-hye Administration's Resignation. Protesters called for the resignation of Park Geun-hye.
Yuk Young-soo and Park Chung-hee had three children: daughters Park Geun-hye, the 11th president of South Korea, as well as Park Geun-ryoung and a son Park Ji-man.
Park Geun-hye first defined this term as a presidential candidate in the 2012 publication of Creative Economy. Since 2013, President Park Geun-hye has announced various policies to fulfill the creative economy and perform the related tasks.
Jeon is married to actor Yoo Dong-geun. They have one son and one daughter.
During her 2013 inaugural address, President Park Geun-hye defined the creative economy as:
Park Su-geun (February 21, 1914 - May 6, 1965) was a Korean painter.
Ha Geun-chan was (Hangul: 하근찬) an early modern South Korean writer.
Jun Hyun-moo, Jung Eun-ji and Lee Soo-geun were hosting the show.
Kim Kyung-Bum, Moon Won-Geun, Lim Jong-Heon, Jung Young-Ho, Bang In-Woong,
Yi Geun-hwa (Hangul: 이근화) is a South Korean modern poet and professor.
Yi Geun-hwa published her first poems in the review" Hyeondae Munhak" in 2004.
Note that, according to Gwon Geun, Korea was intentionally oversized (for practical reasons).