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Feiser was a Peruvian hardcore punk band conformed by the now journalist Álamo Pérez-Luna (vocals and guitar), Andres Rojas (drums), Percy Ghilardi (guitar) and José Valderrama (bass).
Filippo Ambrosini (born 26 April 1993) is an Italian pair skater. With Rebecca Ghilardi, he has won two international medals. With earlier partner Alessandra Cernuschi, he finished in the top ten at two ISU Championships.
Ghilardi started as a road racer and then changed to track. After the Olympics, he turned professional, but had little success and retired in 1936. After World War II he co-founded the Italian Federation of Athletes.
Alberto Ghilardi (25 August 1909 – 30 June 1971) was an Italian cyclist who competed in the 1932 Summer Olympics. He won the gold medal in the team pursuit event.
Written by Massimiliano Ghilardi, Twin started in 1993 as his first big program for PC DOS immediately after having learned the C programming language; but he soon abandoned it, since within DOS there was no multitasking, consequently he could not have any other program run inside the windows drawn by Twin. In late 1999, he resurrected twin by porting it to Linux.
Abanindranath Tagore learned art when studying at Sanskrit College, Kolkata in the 1880s. In 1890, around the age of twenty years, Abanindranath attended the Calcutta School of Art where he learnt to use pastels from O. Ghilardi, and oil painting from Charles Palmer, European painters who taught in that institution.
He and Rebecca Ghilardi are coached by Rosanna Murante and Tiziana Rosaspina in Bergamo. Making their international debut, they won the bronze medal at the 2016 CS Lombardia Trophy. They placed 11th at the 2017 European Championships in Ostrava, Czech Republic.
Holland was also picked to ride on the track, in the team pursuit with Southall, Harvell, Johnson and Holland. The Italians - Marco Cimatti, Paolo Pedretti, Alberto Ghilardi and Nino Borsari - won again, with 4min 53sec, having set an Olympic record of 4min 52.9sec in the heats. France was second in 4min 55.7sec. and Britain third in 4min 56sec.
A masterplan led by Space Group Company and Ghilardi + Hellsten reorganized the area between 2010 and 2014. Space Group worked on activating the parallel streets, and created an inside street, going through the main buildings. Aker Brygge is a leader in Norway for waterfront development and it is one of the most visited place in Oslo with 12 million visitors each year.
After the seizure of the little Ghilardi and awesome revenge killings or followed a failed kidnapping attempt, the businessmen Ghitti in Ottana and missing a few kilometers from Cagliari, some publicists claimed, with polemical vigor, that the explanations of the phenomenon no longer had no current value. Those explanations, he wrote, were perhaps valid and useful to understand banditry "romantic" of the past, but the current and completely new, different and alien to social and economic motives.
In 1920 he joined the Royal Albanian Army and four years later he was a battalion commander. In 1925, with the rank of lieutenant colonel, he became the general commander of the Royal Albanian Army. Although major decisions on the Army were taken by officers of foreign origin, such as Gustav von Myrdacz and Leon Ghilardi, Aranitasi was the only native Albanian nominally on the staff. In 1929 he was promoted to general. He served as aide-de-camp of Zog of Albania before this task was taken by Mehmet Konica.
Josef Albers, Aagaard Andersen, Jean Arp, Jean-Michel Atlan, Willy Baumeister, André Bloc, André Bruyère, Busse, Marcelle Cahn, Antonio Carderara, Fernando Chevrier, Jean Couy, Heinrich Davring, Sonia Delaunay, Jean Deyrolle, Domela, Piero Dorazio, Adolphe Richard Fleishmann, Nato Frascà, Günter Fruhtrunk, Paolo Ghilardi, Gilioli, Hajdu, Johannes Itten, Joseph Jarema, Lapique, Jean Leppien, Anselmo Legnagni, Henri Lhotellier, Alberto Magnelli, Willy Maywald, François Morellet, Robert Mortensen, Bruno Munari, Aurélie Nemours, Henri Nouveau, Vera Pagava, Penalba, Edgar Pillet, Serge Poliakoff, Hans Reichel, Hans Richter, Michel Seuphor, Atanasio Soldati, Ferdinand Springer, Edgar Stoëbel, Gunta Stölzl, Nicolas Warb.
In June 2010 the municipal council decided that the town would be moved eastwards (to ), in the direction of Tuolluvaara, instead of the proposed northwestern location. The moving of the town was started in 2014 and it is expected to be finished by 2100. White Arkitekter AB based in Stockholm and Ghilardi + Hellsten Arkitekter based in Oslo won the contract to design the new city together with researchers from Luleå and Delft Universities, which envisages a denser city centre with a greater focus on sustainability, green and blue infrastructure, pedestrians and public transport rather than automobiles.
Admissibility in propositional logics is closely related to unification in the equational theory of modal or Heyting algebras. The connection was developed by Ghilardi (1999, 2000). In the logical setup, a unifier of a formula "A" in a logic "L" (an "L"-unifier for short) is a substitution σ such that σ"A" is a theorem of "L". (Using this notion, we can rephrase admissibility of a rule "A"/"B" in "L" as "every "L"-unifier of "A" is an "L"-unifier of "B"".) An "L"-unifier σ is less general than an "L"-unifier τ, written as σ ≤ τ, if there exists a substitution υ such that
Though some of the samples from the Burenhult excavations produced pre-neolithic dates, the sample material was charcoal, which is susceptible to a number of methodological problems. However, 25 recent AMS dates on bone and antler pins from the monuments have contributed to the story of activities at Carrowmore, and counterbalanced earlier claims for Mesolithic megalith construction within the complex. The usage of the Carrowmore satellite tombs is shown to have spanned the era circa 3750 BC to circa 3000 BC. This data set is supported by palaeo-environmental studies in adjacent lakes conducted by Stolze, O'Connell, Ghilardi and others, showing farming activity coincident with or preceding monument use.
The town, then called Monsvici or Monteregale, was under the bishop of Asti. until 1198, when it established itself as a commune. The first bishop of Mondovì was Damiano Zavaglia; among his successors were Percivallo di Palma (1429), Amadeo Romagnano (1497), who reconstructed the cathedral (1550); Michele Ghislieri, O.P. (1550), later Pope Pius V; Cardinal Vincenzo Lauro (1566), founder of the seminary, during whose incumbency the cathedral and other churches were torn down to make room for the citadel; Giovanni Battista Isnardi (1697), who restored the episcopal palace and the church of St. Dalmazaio; Carlo Felice Sanmartino (1741), founder of the new seminary, and Giovanni Tommaso Ghilardi, O.P. (1842).
In 1920, von Myrdacz retired from service in Austria at the rank of Brigadier-General and joined the newly formed Albanian army at the invitation of Ahmed Zog. Three years later he accepted a commission to become Chief of Staff. He joined a group of foreign nationals advising the Albanian government under Ahmed Zog including Leon Ghilardi from Dalmatia, and Lieutenant-Colonel Walter Francis Stirling and Major-General Sir Jocelyn Percy from Britain. Most of his duties, beyond training officers and small military formations in basic manoeuvres, involved building "military" roads.
Juan Álvarez and a group of Indian guerrillas were still in control of Guerrero as well as Acapulco, which were not reached by the French army in the early stages of the intervention. On the morning of January 8, 1863, a French war steamer "the Diamant", anchored into the Acapulco port. Captain Le Bris asked for General Diego Álvarez, son of Juan Álvarez, and made several demands: that "the Diamant" be allowed to take on coal and water, that the General officially denounce the anti-French statements of the Italian-born Mexican officer Luis Ghilardi published in a local newspaper last year, which resulted in the repelling of the French warship "La Bayonnaise", the removal of Ghilardi from his position and that all fort defenses be dismantled on sight. On the following day an apology was sent back but the first two demands were declined, and the city began its preparations against the expected attack. At ¾9 am on the 10th a squadron under Rear-Admiral Bouët, consisting of "the Diamant", the war steamer "Pallas", and two corvettes the "Bayonnaise" and the "Galathée", approached the bay and was immediately opened fire at the forts. The forts returned the fire and after one hour of constant barrage the artillery of Fort Guerrero was eliminated. Ten minutes later Fort Iturbide was silenced and at ten in the morning Fort Galeana had the same fate. Fort Álvarez still actively exchanged shots with the fleet, though the Mexican firing range was half of those of the French. During the bombardment a number of French shells also ripped into the town, until an American envoy objected to it and thus it was ceased.
The school opened on August 16, 1854 at Garanhata as a private art school. The school was shifted to the building of Mutty Lall Seal in Colootola in November, 1854. In 1859, Garick joined as Head Teacher. In 1864, it was taken over by the government and on June 29, 1864 Henry Hover Locke joined as its principal. It was soon renamed as the Government School of Art. Locke made a comprehensive scheme of Curriculum of studies for the institution. The venue of the school was shifted to 166, Bowbazar Street in the 1880s. After the death of Locke on December 25, 1885 M. Schaumburg became the new principal. A new post of an Assistant Principal was created and on January 29, 1886 an Italian artist O. Ghilardi joined the post. In February, 1892 the institute was shifted to its present site adjacent to the Indian Museum. After the death of its principal, Jobbins Ernest Binfield Havel joined the school as its principal on July 6, 1896.
The next day at 6 o'clock the siege of Fort Álvarez continued to the afternoon when the ships withdrawn from its range. Their fire was returned effectively from one of the forts by Luis Ghilardi and his company. Some of the bigger caliber guns did significant damage to the flagship "Pallas", which almost sank in the clash. The bombardment of Acapulco by the French Pacific fleet lasted for one more day and shortly thereafter a squadron of one hundred sailors marched into Acapulco on January 16 and fired bullets into the town for three days, which was deserted at that time except for the local garrison that lost some men in the skirmishes. Finally the French spiked some of the fort guns, throwing a number into the sea and returned to the ships and left the bay to Siguantanejo, where they assessed the condition of "Pallas" and came to the conclusion that it was hit by about 15–16 shells in the hull and moved to Mazatlán dockyard for repair.