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tsaligopoulou              karaindrou              korkolis              theodoridou              voskopoulos              zafeiriou              papatheodorou              tzeni              pantelidi              foureira              dimitra              artymata              alkistis              stamatis              dionisis              eirini              irini              natassa              afroditi              ifigeneia              antigoni              vanou              chrispa              mazonakis              lefteris              olympiou              stikoudi              giota              dionysis              tolis              despina              vaggelis              vrettos              giannopoulou              panagiota              thodoris              gonidis              protopsalti              erastis              evanthia              ioanna              avramidou              thodoros              tsaganeas              vasiliadis              apostolia              iliadi              hadjinasios              chrysoula              pashalis             

Examples of "giannatsoulia"
(Music: Alejandro Jean, Greek lyrics: Eleni Giannatsoulia)
(Music: Acar Kayahan, Greek lyrics: Eleni Giannatsoulia)
(Music: Acar Kayahan, Greek lyrics: Eleni Giannatsoulia)
All the lyrics and music: Phoebus, except from: at tracks 10, 11 lyrics from Eleni Giannatsoulia and at track 5 lyrics from Vasilis Karras.
The lyricists consist of Aris Ektoras and Vicky Gerothodorou (four songs each), Vagia Kalantzi and Eleni Giannatsoulia (two songs each), and Nektarios Trakgkis, Christina Salti, Vaggelis Konstatinidis, and Pogrebetsky (one song each).
Ennoeitai (Greek: Εννοείται; English: It's Understood) is the sixth studio album by popular Greek singer Nikos Oikonomopoulos. It was released on 14 December 2012 by Minos EMI. The songs "Ennoeitai" and "Ora Na Pigaino" were the most populars, with music composed by Panos Kapiris and written lyrics by Eleni Giannatsoulia.
It was a tremendous success with over 120,000 sales. Dimitris Mpasis’ voice started to be heard not only in Greece but abroad as well. In the next season he worked with Dimitra Galani and Manolis Lidakis and by the end of 1998 his second personal album “Se Anihtous Ouranous” is ready (music by Christos Nikolopoulos and lyrics by Aris Davarakis, Eleni Giannatsoulia).
Gia sena kai gia mena (For you and for me) is a compilation album of songs written by Phoebus (music & lyrics) and Eleni Giannatsoulia (some lyrics) was released by Sony Music. It featured songs numerous Greek singers, such as Sofia Arvaniti, Katy Garbi, Thanos Kalliris, Dionysis Schinas, Pashalis Terzis, Polina, Natassa Pantelidi, Ntinos Vrettos, Petros Kolettis and Lorna.
In October 1993 Rouvas released his third album, "Gia Sena" ("For You"), with music by Alexis Papadimitriou and lyrics by Eleni Giannatsoulia and Evi Droutsa. The single ""Kane Me"" ("Make Me") became a radio hit, with ""To Xero Eisai Moni"" ("I Know You Are Alone") and ""Xehase To"" ("Forget It") also receiving airplay.
Mando has collaborated with the best songwriters in the Greek music business, such as Phoivos, A. Papadimitriou, K. Haritodiplomenos, N. Germanou, G. Theofanous, E. Giannatsoulia. Several of Mando's compositions have been sung by artists such as P. Terzis and K. Kouka.
Katathesi Psihis (Greek: Κατάθεση Ψυχής; English: "Deposit Soul") is the third studio album by popular Greek singer Nikos Oikonomopoulos, released on 11 December 2009 by Sony BMG Greece. The album contains twelve songs with music by Marios Psimopoulos, Elekos Hristovergis, Panos Falaras while the lyrics are written by the Eleni Giannatsoulia, Spiros Giatras and Maritta Rossi.
Theodoridou has worked with numerous well-known composers and songwriters who had helped her set new standards in local music repertoire. Giorgos Theofanous, Giorgos Moukidis, Antonis Vardis, Giannis Parios, Kyriakos Papadopoulos, Ilias Filippou, Giannis Papadopoulos, Mihalis Hatzigiannis, Eleanna Vrachali, Evanthia Reboutsika, Michalis Gkanas, Vasilis Giannopoulos, Natalia Germanou, Thanos Papanikolaou, Tasos Panagis, Panos Falaras, Triantafyllos, Evi Droutsa, Eleni Giannatsoulia and Phoebus are only a few of the songwriters and composers who have worked with Natassa.
In December 2014 Vandi released her new album 'De me stamatises' (including 10 tracks). It was the first album since 1997, in which none of the songs was written by her long-time producer Phoebus. Instead, she collaborated again with various songwriters, among which: Dimitris Kontopoulos, Eleni Giannatsoulia, Olga Vlahopoulou, Giorgos Sampanis, Nikos Moraitis and Vasilis Gavriilidis. The first three new singles "Kalimera" ,"Ola allazoun" and "Kane kati", where released right after her return to Heaven Music.
On 2012 the album "Allaksa" was released, marking Vandi's return to a more laïko genre after the poorly received C' est la vie" album. Apart from Phoebus there is a collaboration with songwriters such as Eleni Giannatsoulia, Olga Vlahopoulou, Vangelis Kostantinidis and Gavrilis Mosas. The album was certified double-platinum sales and re-established Vandi's commercial success with multiple hits such as: "Mou 'His Perasi", "Girismata", "To asteri mou", "To nisi" (its videoclip was filmed in the island of Skiathos) and "Katalavaino".
Agkyres is the second single of the album and was released in August 1999. It is a cover of 1971's Turkish hit "Iste hendek, iste deve". Music is by Savvas Angin and Greek lyrics by Eleni Giannatsoulia. The videoclip was veered on a Greek island and it's like a dedication to traditional Greek summer. The direction is by Giorgos Gkavalos. On this clip, Garbi's body is hidden too.
His professional debut began with his participation in two of Stamatis Kraounakis works: “Otan Erhonde I Fili mou” where he sang two songs and in the soundtrack of the T.V. series “To Trito Stefani” where he took part in one song. In 1996 he was discovered by Christos Nikolopoulos and he performed live. In 1997 his first album became a reality with the title “Me tin Fora tou Anemou” (music by Christos Nikolopoulos, Kostas Falkonis and lyrics by Christos Papadopoulos). Eight months later the soundtrack of T.V. series “Psithiri Kardias” was in music stores (music by Christos Nikolopoulos and lyrics by Eleni Giannatsoulia).
For Christmas 1998, Garbi created a Christmas album of famous Christmas carols titled "Hristougenna Me Tin Katy" () all adapted with Greek lyrics by Eleni Giannatsoulia. The album had been a wish by Garbi for many years. "Hristouyenna Me Tin Katy" is a collaboration with well-known Greek children's choir of Spiros Labros, while the internationally known tenor Konstantinos Paliatsaras is also featured on one track. Since its release in 1998, sales of the album have increased with the coming of each Christmas season. In fact, although it was popular during the time of its release, it was not until 2002 when it gained its gold certification, four years after its release.
"Anemodarmena ipsi" The second single of the album is the song "Anemodarmena ipsi" which was chosen as album's lead single. The creators of the song are Giorgos Sabanis in music (singer and musician with many success the last years in Greece) and Eleni Giannatsoulia in lyrics (lyricist, an old collaborator of Katy's with many hits in Greek discography for two and more decades.) The single was released on November 20, 2013 via Katy's official account on YouTube and two days later, on November 22, 2013 was released its official videoclip on Katy's official YouTube account too. Only on the first day of its release, "Anemodarmena ipsi" achieved more than 24.000 views on YouTube and peaked at number one on Greek i-tunes. The video clip was directed by Niki Vellopoulou.