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ifigeneia              polykandriotis              vrettos              tzeni              aggeliki              natassa              fotini              thodoros              irini              zafeiriou              valtinos              giota              stikoudi              ioanna              panagiota              konstantina              karagianni              papadopoulou              afroditi              ioannidou              iliadi              stergiou              georgakopoulou              angeliki              papatheodorou              tsaganeas              tragouda              galani              konstantaras              voskopoulos              vasia              asimakopoulou              kokkinos              spanou              aikaterini              iakovou              evija              vanou              vasiliadis              koutras              kontou              dimitriou              marsida              korkolis              alkis              tolis              dimitra              voglis              iliopoulou              solomou             

Examples of "giannopoulou"
Ifigeneia Giannopoulou (1964 – June 24, 2004) was a Greek songwriter. She also wrote books for children. Giannopoulou worked with great names of Greek music. She died suddenly as a result of suspected allergic reaction.
Eleni Konsolakis-Yannopoulou published her research work to the conference to the history of the Saronic Gulf in 1998 on the island of Poros (Konsolaki-Giannopoulou, E. (ed.)
Eleni Konsolaki, also Eleni Konsolaki-Giannopoulou or Eleni Konsolaki-Yannopoulou (Greek: Ελένη Κονσολάκη-Γιαννοπούλου) is a Greek archaeologist who is renowned internationally and excavated in areas including Troezen, Poros and Methana.
Giannopoulos, Y(i)annopoulos, Gianopoulos or Gianopulos () is a Greek surname, which means "son of John". The female version of the name is Giannopoulou/Y(i)annopoulou (Γιαννοπούλου). Notable people with this name include:
In September 2005, disagreeing with the entire label policy of Sleaszy Rider Records, Kinetic broke their contract and started searching for another label. After contacting and speaking with many labels, the band finally got in a deal with the ascended Burning Star Records with a schedule for a new release in September–October 2007. Keeping the same style, increasing it with more elements, they added two new members, Vaggelis Sotiriou on keyboards and Mina Giannopoulou on female vocals. Due to differences in musical approach, Mina Giannopoulou left the band to be replaced by Margaret Staikou later.
The Club has already reached an advanced level. Similar awards were achieved by Maria Marou, Fotini Stavrousi, Eleutheria Giannopoulou and Nikoleta Diamela in the following years, while the male players Christos Polyzos, Stefanos Galanis, Ioannis Galanis and Alexandros Varelas succeeded to enter the quarter-finals of Greek Atomic Championship. In total, from 2005 till today, the previous athletes will carry along at Drymos over thirty five national championship medals, some of them golden. Many of them had been requested by the national badminton team of Greece and also they’d participated in international contests such as Marina Karypidou and Magdalini Tsioumleki who won the bronze medal at the Balkan Championship, and also, the participation of Marina Karypidou in the European U17 Team Championships 2011 in Portugal.