Synonyms for gigadramon or Related words with gigadramon

dorbickmon              knightmon              shoutmon              beelzemon              necrom              rattrap              beastmen              visorak              terrorsaur              geldring              zarathos              maximals              tigerzord              zeroro              shurikenger              megakabuterimon              tenrai              veemon              zyudenryu              daigu              robeast              vehicons              darkhawk              hellscream              rayquaza              gallantmon              centurious              tigatron              skakdi              imperialdramon              grademon              gnorc              symbiotes              megadramon              genseishin              megazords              wargrowlmon              dragonzord              malomyotismon              kakuzu              skullmaster              quartzmon              arfoire              janperson              frankencastle              invid              malkil              warbow              kabuterios              arokh             

Examples of "gigadramon"
Neo Saiba is an evil Tamer in V-Tamer 01, and the brother of Rei Saiba. The original Digimon was a Megadramon included it from chapter 17 (the silhouette of Megadramon can be seen upside down), who tied with Zero Tournament V-Pet, he also had a Greymon that he rejected after it kept losing in battle. When he worked for Daemon, he had a lot of Digimon at his disposal, including a Devimon and an Ogremon that could DNA Digivolve into SkullSatamon, which he used to kill Etemonkey the Etemon, MetalGreymon (which was evolved from his own Greymon), Ghoulmon, and more. Each of them was killed by either Neo himself or Taichi Yagami's Zeromaru. Then he received Arkadimon from Daemon, which he used to kill Pie the Piedmon and Rose the Rosemon (Rose died much later). He later brought it during the invasion upon Lord HolyAngemon's castle with an army of Kuwagamon, Devidramon, Vilemon, Devimon, a Boltmon, a Gryphonmon, a Megadramon, a Gigadramon, and a VenomMyotismon. His Arkadimon defeated Leo and Seraphimon (Lord HolyAngemon in his Mega Form). Sometime after the invasion and after Rei threatens to stop the fight by jumping off the cliff, Neo and Taichi stop their rivalry. After the event, Neo befriends Taichi and the Alias 3 again and saves Taichi's life. He goes on to win the next D-1 tournament and keeps his friendship with the four in the Real World.
is a Dragon Digimon, who is the Fire-Fury among the Dark Generals and the ruler of Dragon Land, able to freely manipulate the environment to his advantage. Dorbickmon believes that Dragon Digimon are superior, using his army of Huanglongmon, Devidramon, Flarerizamon, Brachiomon, DarkTyrannomon, Salamandamon, Megadramon and Gigadramon to destroy those weaker than themselves with overwhelming battle strength in any situation. He can also combine with his right-hand, Huanglongmon, to assume his Darkness Mode One, which also serves as Dorbickmon's vehicle of transportation. Dorbickmon was able to capture all the members of the Fusion Fighters in Mikey's absence. However, Christopher, Mikey and Nene manage to rescue them before their planned execution. This forces Dorbickmon to absorb his entire army via DigiFusion, increasing his size and giving him wings in his Darkness Mode Two. He was able to effortlessly defeat both Shoutmon X5B and MetalGreymon in battle, nearly destroying the latter. But Christopher's pride enables MetalGreymon to digivolve to ZekeGreymon and impale Dorbickmon in the chest due to a temporary but massive increase in power. Dying, while gloating that his enemies were not have a chance against the remaining Dark Generals, Dorbickmon's data was sent to the Bagra Fortress in five mechanical tubes. While Dorbickmon's body was revived by AxeKnightmon and used as a component for GrandGeneramon, Dorbickmon's spirit was seen in Prison Land.