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Examples of "gillstrom"
Crosby performed the song in the 1933 film short "Please" directed by Arvid E. Gillstrom.
The band's "classic" mid-1980s lineup consisted of George Criston (vocals), Larry Gillstrom (lead guitar), Raymond Harvey (lead guitar), Brian Gillstrom (drums), and Victor Langen (bass guitar). Vocalist Criston did not return for the band's 2004 reunion, being replaced by Gary Langen, who had actually been a founding member of the band in the late 1970s.
Please is a 1933 short musical comedy film directed and produced by Arvid E. Gillstrom. It stars Bing Crosby as himself along with Vernon Dent and Mary Kornman.
Just an Echo is a 1934 Paramount short starring Bing Crosby and directed by Arvid E. Gillstrom. This was the second of two short films Crosby made for Paramount in May / June 1933, the other being Please.
Arvid E. Gillstrom (13 August 1889 – 21 May 1935), was a Swedish film director and screenwriter. He was born "Arvid Evald Gyllström" in Annedal, Gothenburg, Sweden and died in Hollywood, California.
Kick Axe was formed in Regina, Saskatchewan, in 1976 by Larry Gillstrom (guitar), Victor Langen (vocals/bass guitar) and his brother Gary Langen (drums). By 1978, they added a second guitarist in Raymond Harvey and decided to relocate to Vancouver, British Columbia in search of greater exposure. Gary Langen was not willing to leave Saskatchewan and was replaced by Larry's brother Brian Gillstrom. The group began recording in 1979 but scrapped the sessions because they felt they needed a more distinguished front man. Vocalist Charles McNary was brought in and the band started to make waves, even making an appearance on a Playboy compilation album.
The Film Daily liked it saying: "Between Bing Crosby’s several vocal numbers and the intervening comedy sequences this Arvid E. Gillstrom two-reeler manages to be consistently entertaining. Crosby, driving along the road, does a little flirting with Mary Kornman, who turns out to be a voice teacher. So he stops at her place for lessons. A rival, Vernon Dent, pulls various pranks to eliminate Crosby, but only makes things worse for himself, with Crosby finally coming through, not only as the star crooner, but also in a romantic way."