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Examples of "gilson_kleina"
19 September: After negotiations with Paulo Roberto Falcão and Adilson Batista, Gilson Kleina was hired.
Gilson Kleina (born March 30, 1968 in Curitiba) is a Brazilian football manager who coaches Ponte Preta.
In December 2012, after backing to Palmeiras wished by Gilson Kleina, Wendel said was disrespected by Felipão, former coach of the club, that sent the player for loans.
In June 2013 Victor Luis returned to "Verdão", after appearing in 18 matches for Porto B. He was promoted to the main squad by manager Gilson Kleina, but was never used during the campaign, which ended in promotion.
Cabral was also an interim in 2015, but after a 1–2 loss against Marcílio Dias, he was replaced by Gilson Kleina. The latter was sacked on 10 November of that year, and Cabral was again named interim until the end of the year. He remained in charge until March 2016, being replaced by Silas.
29 November: Five players were dispensed after a bad campaign in 2012 season, they are: Leandro, João Vitor, Daniel Carvalho, Obina and Betinho. And other eleven players who still have links with the club, but were not utilized by the coach Gilson Kleina: Pegorari, Carlos, Fabinho Capixaba, Luís Felipe, Gerley, Leandro Amaro, Wellington, Tinga, Patrik, Daniel Lovinho and Tadeu.
Born in Ariquemes, Rondônia, Renan graduated with Avaí's youth setup, and made his senior debut on 4 March 2015, coming on as a late substitute for Renan Oliveira in a 0–2 away loss against Internacional de Lages for the Campeonato Catarinense championship. He was subsequently promoted to the main squad, being praised by manager Gilson Kleina.
Less than 3 months after winning the Copa do Brasil, Scolari would leave the club that was having poor appearances in the Campeonato Brasileiro. This way, Palmeiras signed with Gilson Kleina, then coach of Ponte Preta, but the team failed to improve its performances in tournament and was relegated to the Campeonato Brasileiro Série B, for the second time since 2002, in its history, after a draw against Flamengo, on November 18, in round 36 of the 2012 Série A.