Synonyms for gimlinopithecus or Related words with gimlinopithecus

ccgcacagca              blastovalva              rargargininecgt              xhccg              nikiforovskoye              kulembe              obliquisepala              gttggagctg              agatccaagc              ctgcaggttg              agaccatgca              aaggggcagt              leyzller              methylbixin              opeimu              qjerc              tgagag              tcttccccat              gggagaggaa              razins              gctcatagag              johncornyn              taisetsunakoto              atctgacttt              zanjireh              argininerargaga              gaggaggaat              irodorihimura              bestatteten              gaacttacag              yisndvcaqv              borozenets              basantapurr              zinjibari              grhrtsvptdevfit              maxxxxptxxxxakkk              novikovo              pancratiastis              etenolol              gatewaytimeout              cccggcaggc              ggggattccc              seerock              tgaaatgccc              tgagtatctc              karinskoye              pasqualim              yoonlee              pollutella              tsukato             

Examples of "gimlinopithecus"
Bubble Helmet is one of Psyphon's henchmen. He is a caterpillar-like alien who wears a robotic suit that produces an atmosphere that he can breathe. After being captured by the Plumbers during the events of "The More Things Change", Bubble Helmet was being temporary turned into a Gimlinopithecus during the events of "Outbreak".
Shocksquatch is a Gimlinopithecus from the planet Pattersonea. He is an alien with a yeti-like appearance. He is able to manipulate and emit strong yellow electric currents from his mouth. He is also one of Ben's newer aliens, unlocked during the battle with Alpha in the Bug Jar.
Shocksquatch (A play on "electric shock" and "Sasquatch") is a Gimlinopithecus (A play on Robert Gimlin and Gigantopithecus) from the planet Pattersonea (A play on Roger Patterson). Gimlinopithecuses are Yeti-like aliens with great coordination and strength, they have small metal plates all over their bodies that can conduct electricity. Their only weakness is being insulated, making their ability to conduct electricity useless. He speaks with a Canadian accent.