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tsalikis              dionisis              tiktopoulos              mouratidis              kazakos              biniaris              thodoris              ploutarhos              savvidakis              vintzilaios              doxas              parios              nektarios              lefteris              loukas              vasiliadis              mitropanos              zografakis              tzeni              hamatsos              lambrou              vasileiou              ntinos              koulis              pantazopoulos              stamatis              christoforou              tolis              axiotis              sampanis              filippos              olympiou              voskopoulos              kostantinos              drakos              korkolis              papatheodorou              dionysis              tsaganeas              rokkos              rasoulis              karakostas              erastis              mazonakis              aggelos              polykandriotis              stoforidis              makridis              pliatsikas              stefanidis             

Examples of "giorkas"
All four winners of the show Loukas Giorkas, Stavros Michalakakos, Harry Antoniou and Andreas Leontas.
The winner of the 1st X-Factor was Loukas Giorkas, who released his debut EP album on September 2009.
Loukas Giorkas chose the song "Watch My Dance" featuring Stereo Mike, written by Giannis Christodoulopoulos with lyrics by Eleana Vrahali. The song is performed in English and Greek, and features a fusion of hip hop and contemporary laïkó styles. Giorkas also emerged from the first season of "The X Factor" in 2008, winning the competition and a contract with Sony Music Greece, and sequentially releasing the EP "Mazi" (together) in 2009, which was certified gold. He later switched labels to Minos EMI.
Stavros Michalakakos (in Greek Σταύρος Μιχαλακάκος) (born 9 April 1987) is a Greek-Cypriot singer. On 12 February 2010 he won the second season of the Greek version of the television singing competition "The X Factor". He was awarded a recording contract and a car. Michalakakos is the second Cypriot to have won the Greek competition, after Loukas Giorkas won the first season.
The first series of the music talent show The X Factor Greece began airing on ANT1 on 4 October 2008 and was won by Loukas Giorkas of Larnaca, Cyprus on 30 January 2009. The show was presented by Sakis Rouvas. It was also broadcast abroad via ANT1's international stations.
Harry Antoniou (at times Xaris "Haris" Antoniou) is the third Cypriot to have won the Greek competition, after Loukas Giorkas won in the first season and Stavros Michalakakos in the second season. He started saxophone lessons and at the age of 15, came third in the Pancyprian saxophone competition. Working in his teens as a singer and saxophonist, he was able to attract more and more people creating its own fan club from a young age before applying to the Greek X-Factor.
During their vacations in July, Giorgos Liras experienced chest pains and was rushed to the hospital. He had undergone a coronary balloon angioplasty ten years prior and although he had begun living a healthier lifestyle since, he continued to smoke cigarettes. He was told that had he waited longer he would be in danger of suffering a heart attack and underwent a quadruple bypass surgery on 25 July. Zina gave birth on 8 October 2011 via cesarean section. She was visited by celebrities such as Psinakis, Dimitris Mitropanos, Amaryllis, Loukas Giorkas, Makis Pounentis, and Eleonora Meleti.
The final was held in Enastron Music Hall in Tavros, Athens in 21:00. The guests were: Helena Paparizou who sang her songs "Otan Aggeli Klene" and "Love Till It’s Over" with HouseTwins, the band One was reunited in order to sing their 2002 entry "Gimme", Loukas Giorkas sang his 2011 entry Watch My Dance, Freaky Fortune and Riskykidd sang their last year entry with Mary Synatsaki and Ntoretta Paparimitriou Rise Up, Thanos Kalliris sang his song Stop with the group Kings, Boys and Noise sang the 2001 entry (I Would) Die for You and Giannis Karagiannis performed the 2015 entry for Cyprus One Thing I Should Have Done.
Greece took part in the Eurovision Song Contest 2011, held between 10 and 14 May 2011, placing seventh. On 2 March 2011, as part of the selection process organized by the Greek national broadcaster Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation (ERT), six competing acts—Antigoni Psihrami, Kokkina Halia, Loukas Giorkas, Nikki Ponte, Trimitonio, and Valanto Trifonos—performed their prospective entries live during a televised event. "Watch My Dance" was selected to represent Greece at the Eurovision Song Contest by a combination of a public televote and panel of judges. At the contest, it placed first in the first semi-final and seventh in the final marking Greece's eighth top ten placing in as many years.
Loucas Yiorkas (; ; born in Larnaca, Aradippou, Cyprus, on 18 October 1986), is a Greek-Cypriot singer and model and the winner of the first season of the Greek version of the television talent series "The X Factor". In September 2009 he released his first EP album, "Mazi", which attained gold status. He studies Biology at the University of Patras. Giorkas represented Greece in the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 in Germany along with Stereo Mike with the song "Watch My Dance", placing seventh with 120 points.
In comparison to past national finals, the program was criticized by journalists as one of ERT's worst productions in years, partially faulted by a low budget. Amongst the issues criticized were Lena Aroni’s poor hosting skills, the lighting and camera work, and also the exclusion of a live audience. It lasted about two hours, and ERT's broadcast came ninth overall on 2 March, with 17.4% share according to ABG Nielsen Hellas; it is estimated that around 836 thousand viewers watched the show. The broadcast makes it ERT's lowest watched national final in over ten years. Loukas Giorkas feat. Stereo Mike was the overall winner of the night.
ERT and Universal Music Greece held a national final on 12 March 2012 at the River West stage, located at the Athens River West Mall. As in past years, the winning song was selected using a combination of televoting and jury voting at a 50/50 split. The five member jury consisted of radio producer and head of ERA Marina Lahana, conductor Andreas Pilarinos, head of public relations of ERT Foteini Giannolatou, and radio producers Mihalis Tsaousopoulos and Tasos Trifonos. The final was televised on ERT's ET1 and ERT World, as well as on the official websites of ERT and the Eurovision Song Contest at 22:00 local time. Maria Kozakou, an ERA radio DJ who also provided commentary for the Contest in 2011, hosted the show along with Giorgos Frantzeskakis. The show featured many guest performances by Eurovision participants, inducing Ivi Adamou of Cyprus, Sofi Marinova of Bulgaria and Anggun of France. The show also featured performances by Greece's 2011 Eurovision entrant Loukas Giorkas, as well as Universal Music Greece roster acts Giorgos Sabanis and Christos P.
Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation (ERT) initially explored taking a completely different approach for the 2011 contest, also looking to take a more low key and modest approach to their participation in the contest in comparison to previous years when the contest was viewed as a national event. The new board of members at ERT quickly realized that time was not sufficient, and thus turned to the more traditional selection method of co-operating with record labels. ERT also explored the option of selecting an act internally, as it had done in previous years, but was unable to secure a major act. After an open call to record labels to submit proposals, on 11 January 2011, ERT officially announced the six candidates for the Greek national final: Antigoni Psihrami, Kokkina Halia, Loukas Giorkas, Nikki Ponte, Trimitonio, and Valanto Trifonos. All acts announced were relatively new to the Greek music scene and all came from the popular Greek talent shows "Greek Idol" and "The X Factor" The decision to choose young up-and-coming acts was partially made by the broadcaster to appeal to a younger audience, while also giving the emerging acts a chance to further their careers through their participation in the contest.
Paparizou was featured on the Bonnier soundtrack project "Alla Himlens Änglar", released in August, where she contributed her first Swedish-language songs "Allt jag vill" (Everything I want) and "Genom krig och kärlek" (Through war and love). On 23 October 2008, she performed with other artists in a concert at the Siemens Arena in Vilnius, Lithuania, that was attended by approximately 10,000 people. From 30 October to 9 April she again performed alongside Paschalis Terzis at Iera Odos with Manos Pirovolakis as the opening act. Paparizou was the main act at the Thalassa: People's Stage, a concert-themed club stage, from May to September. At this venue she was supported by acts 15.50, Stavento and Loukas Giorkas. Paparizou returned to the stage of MAD Secret Concerts on 26 May, the eighth edition of the series. A video titled "MAD Secret Concert Vol.II" was released in mid-late 2009. During the winter, Paparizou went to Sweden where she worked on her new album and spent time with her mother. An English-language album had been announced for 2009, however those plans did not materialize because of Paparizo's father's sudden death. Three songs were recorded, one of which is a tribute to him.