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Examples of "girolamo_grimaldi"
Girolamo Grimaldi (died 27 November 1543) was a member of the House of Grimaldi. He was a senator of the Republic of Genoa and, later, a cardinal.
Girolamo Grimaldi (1674 – 18 November 1733) was a cardinal who worked in the diplomatic service of the Holy See and in the government of the Papal States.
Girolamo Grimaldi-Cavalleroni (20 August 1597– 4 November 1685) was an Italian cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church and Archbishop of Aix.
In medieval times Puyricard was part of the fiefdom of the Lords of Baux. Ruins of their ancestral castle, remodelled in the seventeenth century as an episcopal palace by the Archbishop of Aix Girolamo Grimaldi-Cavalleroni, are preserved at the present day Chateau Grimaldi. The Romanesque church in the centre of the village dates back to the 11th century and contains an altar from the medieval castle.
Château Grimaldi at Puyricard near Aix-en-Provence is a mansion built within the ruined walls of a 16th-century Château once belonging to the Archbishops of Puyricard. The original castle chapel remains built in the Romanesque style. Between 1655 and 1685 the château served as residence of Cardinal Archbishop Girolamo Grimaldi-Cavalleroni who had rebuilt the chateau which had been in ruins for 70 years. As the residence of an archbishop the ruined Château is sometimes referred to as an episcopal palace. The term "palace" for any residence, no matter how large, other than episcopal is not commonly used in Europe for any rural building.
Very little is known about the placement and appearance of the original tombs: one of the most valuable accounts is that of church canon and historian Giacomo Grimaldi (a senator of Genoa and the father of Girolamo Grimaldi-Cavalleroni), who sketched the tombs as they were moved around the basilica on the way to their destruction; Grimaldi's sketches record the shape and complexity of the early tombs, many of which were three-tiered. A few destroyed papal tombs are also detailed in the writings of Alphonsus Ciacconius.
The city has been the birthplace of some Popes: "Innocent IV", "Adrian V", "Innocent VIII", "Benedict XV". Saints from Genoa are: "Syrus of Genoa", "Romulus of Genoa", "Catherine of Genoa", "Virginia Centurione Bracelli". Notable man was the Archbishop of Genoa Jacobus de Voragine, who wrote the Golden Legend, the Superior General of the Society of Jesus, "Giovanni Paolo Oliva" and the Archbishop of Aix, "Girolamo Grimaldi-Cavalleroni". Renowned philosopher and theologian was the priest Ausonio Franchi and from Genoa were also the cardinal Giuseppe Siri and the priests Francesco Repetto, Giuseppe Dossetti, Gianni Baget Bozzo and Andrea Gallo. The present Archbishop of Genoa, the cardinal Angelo Bagnasco, comes from a Genoese family but was born in Pontevico, near Brescia, (see also Archdiocese of Genoa).