Synonyms for glaberrimum or Related words with glaberrimum

schottii              sessiliflora              ciliatum              vestita              calcicola              poepp              sprucei              laevigatum              lancifolia              ellipticum              hirtella              plumosa              oblongifolia              glaziovii              horrida              lindenii              laxiflora              lepidota              forssk              mucronata              amoenum              schlechteri              jaliscana              hoffm              radlk              neomexicana              steyermarkii              macbr              atropurpurea              cuneifolia              gracillima              harrisia              micranthus              hildebrandtii              caulescens              discoidea              pedicellata              calcarata              lehmannii              cochleata              brevifolium              salisb              cymosa              albiflora              chartacea              grewia              peduncularis              randia              congesta              inconspicuum             

Examples of "glaberrimum"
Xylosma glaberrimum is a species of plant in the Salicaceae family. It is endemic to Brazil.
The species was first formally described by English botanist Joseph Dalton Hooker in "The Botanical Magazine" in 1873. He gave it the name "Philydrum glaberrimum". The species was transferred to the genus "Helmholtzia" in 1881.
Fireweed ("Chamerion angustifolium"), in the evening primrose family (Onagraceae), is named for its flaming color. Glaucus willow herb ("Epilobium glaberrimum") found up to . Rock fringe ("E. obcordatum") grows on dry slopes, nestles in crevices and peaks out from behind the rocks, and forms mats that sprawl across flats and edges of boulders, forming an apparent bright fringe on the edge of moist rocky ledges. Growing to is diffuse gayophytum ("Gayophytum diffusum").
Epilobium glaberrimum is a species of willowherb known by the common name glaucous willowherb. This clumping perennial wildflower is native to western North America from central Canada to northern Mexico. It generally grows at some elevation in moist places. This plant is somewhat variable in appearance. It may exceed half a meter in height and has hairless foliage with leaves between one and 8 centimeters long. The flower has four notched petals in purple, pink, or white which may be only a couple of millimeters long to over a centimeter long each. The fruit is a narrow, sticklike capsule 2 to 7 centimeters long.