Synonyms for gladiatum or Related words with gladiatum

rinzia              teretifolius              coriifolia              restio              connectilis              abortivum              bourgatii              lycopodioides              hypolepis              alectoria              ilvensis              stramineum              korthalsia              helmsii              brandegei              dicranum              praetervisa              holciforme              geraniifolia              origanoides              sphaerocephalus              honckenya              erosum              nuxia              paludosum              wherryi              stuckenia              monanthotaxis              amphibromus              perfoliatus              leptocladus              bertolonii              billardierei              asperum              jovibarba              oxycaryum              bolanthus              stenopetalum              sedifolia              feinbruniae              suksdorfii              eustegia              xanthophylla              potamogeton              pectinatum              whittakeri              chrysomyxa              sessilis              scleroclada              godmania             

Examples of "gladiatum"
"L. gladiatum" produces brown spiky flowers on long central stalks flowers are hermaphroditic.
Bulbophyllum gladiatum is a species of orchid in the genus "Bulbophyllum".
"L. gladiatum" in coastal regions around Australia in the States of New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia. In Western Australia it can be found as far north as Cervantes and as far east as Cape Arid National Park.
Lepidosperma gladiatum is commonly known as the coast sword-sedge or coastal sword-sedge. It is an evergreen species of sedge that is native to southern coastal areas of Australia. It was described by French botanist Jacques Labillardière in 1805. The Noongar name for the plant is kerbein.
"L. gladiatum" occurs mostly as a dense sedge that favours dunes and creek lines. Described as clump-forming perennial with stout vertical rhizome. Forms dense canopy with large clumps of dark green strap-like leaves. The flat leaves are 150m long and 25mm wide with a sharp pointed end. The plant can be as tall and wide as 3m (though typically it is smaller).
Cape Peron is an unprotected headland that is subsequently exposed year round to severe prevailing southerly and westerly winds, and hot, dry summers. These harsh environmental conditions result in the endemic species of flora to Cape Peron being typical of Western Australian coastal shrubs. Hardy, halotolerant plants such as spinifex, sea-heath ("Frankenia pauciflora") and coastal sword-sedge ("Lepidosperma gladiatum") are commonplace close to the shore, abating to coastal scrublands that consist of wattle, coastal daisy-bush and grasslands, amongst other species.