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Examples of "glaenzer"
In October, the founders attract seed funding from renowned business angels like Lukasz Gadowski, Rodrigo Sepulveda Schulz and Stefan Glaenzer. In December, amiando 1.0 launches.
Herter Brothers and A. H. Davenport and Company were subcontractors who executed McKim's interior designs. The Vanderbilts also hired Georges Glaenzer and Ogden Codman to decorate several rooms. E.F. Caldwell & Co. manufactured the majority of the lighting.
In 2004, the company received the first round of angel money, from Peter Gardner, an investment banker who was introduced to the founders as early as 2002. A second round was led by Stefan Glaenzer (joined by Joi Ito and Reid Hoffman), who bought into Michael Breidenbruecker's shares as well. In 2006 the company received the first round of venture capital funding from European investors Index Ventures, whose General Partners Neil Rimer and Danny Rimer also joined's board of directors, consisting of Felix Miller, Martin Stiksel and Stefan Glaenzer (Chair).
The Tradeshift platform has attracted a number of experienced high profile investors such as Morten Lund, who served as Chairman for the company (a position now held by CEO Christian Lanng), Jon Bosak, who co-created XML and works on the technical advisory board, Mårten Mickos, backer Stefan Glaenzer and another long-time angel investor Klaus Lovgreen.
Eileen previously worked in marketing roles at Apple and Sun Microsystems. In 2004 she moved from the United States to London to pursue a career with Skype. After working at Skype, Burbidge launched Passion Capital, an early stage London venture capital firm, with Stefan Glaenzer in 2008.
Smarkets is a betting exchange, founded in 2008 by Americans Jason Trost and Hunter Morris. It has offices in central London and Malta, and markets itself as the more "advanced trading platform" alternative to its larger rival, Betfair. Smarkets is backed by a consortium of European investors, including former chairman Stefan Glaenzer, Passion Capital and Deutsche Telekom.
Timetric was founded in 2008 by Toby White, Dan Wilson and Andrew Walkingshaw; the founders met while doing research at Cambridge University. The following year, Timetric won at London Mini-Seedcamp 2009(a competition for early-stage technology businesses). In 2010, Timetric raised funding from an array of early-stage investors, including Stefan Glaenzer and Sean Park of Anthemis Group, and in 2011, Timetric was acquired by Progressive Media Group, a leading business information provider.
Van Dearing Perrine (1869 - 1955) was a well regarded American Impressionist painter. Perrine moved to New York around 1893, and studied at the National Academy of Design (1894-1897). He founded The Country Sketch Club, which held a number of exhibitions at the Academy in the late 1890s, and the Art Institute of Chicago in 1901. Walter Farndon, Charles Hawthorne, Jonas Lie, and Maurice Stern also exhibited in these shows. Perrine's first solo exhibition was at the Glaenzer Galleries in New York in 1903. He also exhibited at the Durand-Ruel Gallery, the New Gallery, the Armory Show of 1913, and The Grand Central Art Galleries in New York City.
The venture capital firm was launched in March 2011 as a private-public hybrid fund with an initial fund of $60 million, of which $40 million was from the United Kingdom government. The fund partners were Stefan Glaenzer, Eileen Burbidge and Robert Dighero, who were described by "VentureBeat" as being among Europe's most prolific investors. They put out reports in 2012 (on their first year of operation) and 2013 (on their first two years of operation). The firm announced, at the end of May 2015, that they raised their second fund in the sum of $69 million (£45 million, of which £17.5million is provided by the United Kingdom government).
These joints are used at the inboard end of car driveshafts. The joints were developed by Michel Orain, of Glaenzer Spicer of Poissy, France. This joint has a three-pointed yoke attached to the shaft, which has barrel-shaped roller bearings on the ends. These fit into a cup with three matching grooves, attached to the differential. Since there is only significant movement in one axis, this simple arrangement works well. These also allow an axial 'plunge' movement of the shaft, so that engine rocking and other effects do not preload the bearings. A typical Tripod joint has up to 50 mm of plunge travel, and 26 degrees of angular articulation. The tripod joint does not have as much angular range as many of the other joint types, but tends to be lower in cost and more efficient. Due to this it is typically used in rear wheel drive vehicle configurations or on the inboard side of front wheel drive vehicles where the required range of motion is lower.