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Waqwaqucha (Quechua "waqwa, waqu, mayu sunsu" black-crowned night heron ("Nycticorax nycticorax hoacli gmel"), "qucha" lake, "night heron lake", hispanicized spellings "Huajhuacocha, Huaj Huacocha") is a lake in Peru located in the Cusco Region, Quispicanchi Province, Quiquijana District. Waqwaqucha is situated about 10 km northeast of the town Acomayo near the villages Waqwapata ("Huaj Huapata") and Qucha K'uchu ("Cocha Cucho").
Centaurea maculosa, the spotted knapweed, is a species of "Centaurea" native to eastern Europe. This short-lived perennial usually has a stout taproot, pubescent stems with wooly or cobwebby hairs when young. The erect or ascending plant stems grow 20 to 150 cm tall. It grows on stream banks, pond shorelines, sand prairies, old fields and pastures, roadsides, and along railroads, and many open, disturbed areas. Apparently, is should be treated with two varieties as (Centaurea stoebe var. stoebe and var. micranthos (S.G. Gmel. ex Gugler) Hayek.