Synonyms for goads or Related words with goads

shapeshifts              intimidates              coerces              goading              cajoles              goaded              guilts              blackmails              woges              brainwashes              guilted              deceives              hypnotizes              coaxes              cajoled              shapeshifted              bluffed              devolves              cajole              shoehorned              inveigled              snuck              inveigles              insinuates              shoves              sneaked              hypnotises              barged              delved              forayed              smuggles              conned              browbeats              blundered              tempts              lulled              parlayed              tricking              metamorphosized              metamorphosised              segued              deludes              suckered              blackmailed              ingratiates              dragooned              pummels              transmogrified              clattered              coaxed             

Examples of "goads"
due to the goads of the Furies. And in the future mortals
At the trial, despite Jassy's alibi, the pair are found guilty, but the shock goads Lindy into speech. She confesses to the murder, exonerates Jassy, and drops dead.
The Princess mocks Ayesha's prophecies as mere parlor tricks. She goads her Father into giving Ayesha away, as a sex slave, to one of his allies.
The white cover is due to long fuses back. The central sharp goads sometimes cross the wool up to 2 inches long.
Ecclesiastes 12:11, "The words of the wise are like goads, their collected sayings like firmly embedded nails — given by one Shepherd."
Francie goads ex-fiance Eddie into reckless maneuvers on the track, causing him to crash. Tommy wins the race, and her as well.
Goads in various guises are used as iconographic devices and may be seen in the 'elephant goad' or 'ankusha' (Sanskrit) in the hand of Ganesha, for example.
Mike is always losing to Randy, at everything. Randy goads him into a bet that he can't get Diane to "Paradise Cabins" and score with her. Mike gets as far as the cabins, where they are attacked by a bear.
Morini constantly goads Martelli and Fabbri into coupling. After one case is solved, Fabbri takes her home to wine and dine her, much to Rex's chagrin. At the start of the next episode, they drunkenly awake in Fabbri's bed.
Their lecturer, acid-tongued Molly Taffy, goads David into reaching his full potential as a student, accidentally setting him on a path of religious investigation and putting him at odds with Elspeth.
'Varasatvam’ deals with the longing for a legacy. Dissatisfaction with what one has, goads the young Venkatarao to quarrel with his wife whose unmarried uncle has acquired a huge fortune.
In the early days, before Israel had its own metal industries, farmers had to rely on the Philistines to sharpen their goads, as well as other metal tools, the plowshares and mattocks, forks, and axes (1 Sam. 13:21).
Raquel wants Mateo back. She tells Hayley that she and Mateo slept together since she came to town and goads Hayley, a recovering alcoholic, with Vodka. Hayley turns to Ryan Lavery for comfort.
Stimuli et clavi i. e. theses adversus huius temporis errores et abusus: "Spieße und Nägel d.i. Streitsätze wider die Irrnisse und Wirrnisse unserer Zeit" (Goads and Nails, that is, Theses Against Errors and Abuses of This Time).
In traditional accounts, he also goads the historian Cangjie into creating the first Chinese character writing system, the Oracle bone script, and his principal wife Leizu invents sericulture and teaches his people how to weave silk and dye clothes.
"Chocolate Impulse" was a "hoax zine" created by Jim and Debbie Goad, publishers of "Answer Me!". Wanting to address the negative feedback they'd received from the zine community, the Goads wrote and distributed a pseudonymous screed against themselves (in which they claimed to be the lesbian couple "Valerie Chocolate" and "Faith Impulse"), going so far as to set up a fake address for it in Kentucky. The zine received some positive response from the publishers of "Feminist Baseball" and other zines that had negatively reviewed the Goads. In issue #4 of "Answer Me!", Jim Goad revealed the prank and insulted those who had taken the bait.
Nossov and Dennis (2008 p 19) report that two perfectly preserved elephant goads were recovered from an archaeological site at Taxila and are dated from 3rd century BCE to the 1st century CE according to Marshall. The larger of the two is 65 cm long.
Lee Harvey of "Vox" also referred to the dynamic contrast, noting that it "[goads] and [entices] you with gentle percussion, leaving you helpless before the surge of sky-swallowing guitars that follows". Scott Irvine of UpBeetMusic described it as a "standout track", also noting "[the] track alone is worth checking out 1997’s best bet for an instrumental tour de force".
Stressing on the need to build memorial, he said by raising the memorial in memory of 'martyrs of the faith', the SGPC would not only deliver a sense of pride and fraternity to their families but also goads the Sikhs to relive those times. Also it will be a rebuttal to those, who have been trying to erase this period from public memory.
Caleb later visits Montag, who is busy cleaning up his tree house after it burned down sometime earlier from an accidental electrical fire. Caleb asks Montag for advice on how to get back at Scar, Montag answers by beating him at the dart tournament. He goads Caleb into regaining his confidence in his dart throwing ability and Caleb enters the tournament in disguise.