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Examples of "godfroid"
Godfroid has played club football in Belgium for Charleroi, Jeunesse Turque and Saint-Gilloise.
Godfroid Emmanuel Mahi Ebem (born December 24, 1983 in Yaoundé) is Cameroonian footballer, who currently plays for .
Steven Emmanuel Godfroid Kunduma (born 16 March 1990) is a Rwandan international footballer who plays for Belgian club Saint-Gilloise, as a midfielder.
On 4 July 2012, Bibiane Godfroid, program director of Nouvelle Star announced that the show will not return on M6 but will instead be on D8, after its acquisition by Canal +.
Cyril Lignac was spotted by the producer Bibiane Godfroid, who bought the rights to the show Jamie's Kitchen by Jamie Oliver and broadcast on . He became a media figure by participating in several programs broadcast on M6 channel:
Brussels Jazz Orchestra is a Belgian jazz orchestra with big band line up founded in 1993 by saxophonist and composer Frank Vaganée, Serge Plume, Marc Godfroid and Bo van der Werf. Since 1999 the orchestra is supported by the Flemish government.
On September 12, 1983 the Belgian version of the JTL show, presented by Jean-Charles De Keyser, Eddy de Wilde and Bibiane Godfroid, was launched from a small studio in Roosevelt villa, Brussels. In December 1985, CLT created a Belgian company called TVI SA, which produced programs and sold advertising space specifically for RTL Belgium.
Rath’s international roster of endorsing trombone artists includes Bert Boeren, Jimmy Bosch, Isrea Butler, Simon Chappell (Royal Liverpool Philharmonic), Bruce Collings, Michael Dease, Wes Funderburk, Marc Godfroid, Kelsley Grant, André Hayward, Frederik Heirman, Conrad Herwig, John Higginbotham, Carol Jarvis, René Laanen, Xiaonan Li (China Philharmonic Orchestra), Shuchang Liu (China Philharmonic Orchestra), Don Lucas, Lyndon Meredith (London Philharmonic Orchestra), Lode Mertens, Kevin Morgan (Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra), Mark Nightingale, Catherine Noblet, John Rojak, Dennis Rollins, Ramón Luis Serra (Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestra), Rick Simerly, Alan Swain (Welsh National Opera), Robb Tooley (Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra), Papo Vazquez, Csaba Wagner (Staatskapelle Berlin) and Annie Whitehead.
RTL Télé Luxembourg was renamed RTL Télévision in 1982, marking the emergence of the RTL brand. During the 1980s, RTL Télévision had reached their peak. Under the direction of the new programming director, Jean Stock, a clutch of programmes and presenters were successful: "Le Train des jouets", "Léo contre tous", "Citron Grenadine", "Tête à Tête", "Stop Star", "Le Coffre-fort", "Fréquence JLB", "Atoukado" and presenters Valérie Sarn, Bibiane Godfroid, Michèle Etzel, Sophie Hecquet, Jean-Claude Thieltgen, Philippe Sorel, Philippe Goffin, Claude Rappé, Anouchka Sikorsky, Marylène Bergmann, Jean-Luc Bertrand and Georges Lang. The shows and presenters launched the channel to become the most watched in the core market of Lorraine, Belgium, and Luxembourg.
RTL Télé Luxembourg created entertainment shows and showed series before any other channels. (It was the first channel in Europe to show "Dallas", before even TF1). A regular claim on the channel was that a programme was being broadcast "priority for RTL Television". This policy of "outreach" relied heavily on the personality of the presenters. Jacques Navadic, director of programmes, launched a search for a new presenter in 1977. On a memorable evening, entitled "Dix en lice ?", the public, the channel, and a jury of celebrities (Michel Drucker, Jean Lefebvre, Thérèse Leduc, Jacques Navadic, Robert Diligent) chose Marylène Bergmann to become one of the emblematic faces of the channel. A generation of new faces were first seen on the channel: André Torrent, Philippe Goffin, Bibiane Godfroid, Michèle Etzel, Claude Rappé, Anouchka Sikorsky, Jean-Luc Bertrand and Georges Lang.
After having worked at Meuter-Titra laboratories, he worked with the cameraman Willy Kurant. In 1963, he made the short film, "La journée de Monsieur Chose" "The day of Mr Chose [Thing]" and the following year, "Que peut-on bien faire chez soi le dimanche après-midi quand on n'a pas la télévision?" "What can we do on a Sunday afternoon, when we don't have a TV?". Five years later, he made "Hommage à Don" Helder Camara. In 1974, he directed "Suzanne's Fugue", his first full-length film, which had a limited budget of 200.000 FB or US $5,000. Five years later, with Mireille and the others, he worked on a full-length film turned during six weeks, in studio, produced by Godfroid Courtmans. This was a film of humor, on the razor's edge, neighbors absurdity, in the vein of Czech films of the 1960s. Selected in San Remo and Moscow, the fiilm attains limited public success. After the film "Poveri ma belli" from Dino Risi, Buchet launched Pauvres mais Beaux, a production house, and returnedm to the short film and documentary, Les meilleurs in 1982 and Dupont Durand in 1989. During his later years, he wrote and directed some shorts. He now works on "Passions froides" a full-length film which he does not despair to carry out, in spite of resistance from his producer.