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Examples of "godroid"
GoDroid supports Android Studio as application IDE. With API level 19 configuration to match GoDroid provides the availability of not only original Android API, but also proprietary extended API, such as GPIO/IC2/SPI/PWM.
GoDroid supports standard ADB debugging via Ethernet, Wi-Fi and USB.
In addition to C/C++/JAVA, GoDroid also integrates QPython2engine for Python2 programming on Android.
GoDroid supports booting from NAND Flash or from MicroSD card that contains the boot code and image files.
GoDroid is an Android KitKat 4.4.4. based optimized operating system for GoWarrior platform. In addition to original Android functionalities, GoDroid pre-integrates some useful middleware components and libraries, as well as some self-developed function blocks, which makes it also a software development kit for Android applications.
Besides the screen mirroring function of Android Miracast, GoDroid also implements DLNA system service for sharing digital media among multimedia devices. DMR, DMS and DMP are supported.
TIGER Board provides 2 sets of 40-pin expansion headers, one of which is compatible to Raspberry Pi connector. Raspberry Pi Python applications can be ported and run on GoDroid.
By replacing Android native media engine StageFright with GStreamer and utilizing hardware acceleration facilities, GoDroid supports various audio/video/container hardware decoding and multiple network protocols including Microsoft Smooth Streaming, HTTP Live Streaming and KODI 14.2 has variety of supported video/audio plug-ins.