Synonyms for godsticks or Related words with godsticks

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Examples of "godsticks"
Magenta returned to the live scene at the Summer's End Festival in October 2011, with Dan Nelson and Steve Roberts (from Godsticks) on bass and drums respectively.
Massey University's information pamphlet on this sculpture says that its title means "a marker, like those of a memorial or kumara god", and that ancient godsticks "marked boundaries when wrapped with rope". The pamphlet includes a diagram of several stages in the lashing of the lower, tapered cylinder part, of a god stick.
Magenta remain active, with work continuing on the sixth album and some more gigs scheduled, including the inaugural Celebr8 festival in Kingston upon Thames in July 2012. The live band continues to be the three core members along with Godsticks' Dan Nelson and Steve Roberts.